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ZOOMLION Appears on the Indian EXCON and Localized High-end Equipment Highlights the Market Competitiveness


The other day, the 10th Indian International EXCON 2019 was held in Bangalore. EXCON 2019, the largest engineering machinery industry exhibition in South Asia, attracted 1,200 engineering machinery companies from more than 30 countries to participate. With “Penetrate into the local and create the excellence” as the theme, ZOOMLION, with three localized products-crane, rotary-drill and flat-top tower crane appeared on the exhibition and gained the orders of RMB 30 million on the scene, showing its strong market competitiveness once again.


On the scene of EXCON 2019, ZOOMLION's ZTC1100V autocrane, ZR240 rotary-drill, and T7020-10E flat-top tower crane, with their strong iron arms, came into the public view, attracting many professionals to view and winning the praise from visitors and customers for their high-end product portfolio and powerful performance. Rotary-drill, crane, and tower crane, etc. received a steady flow of news of victories in the exhibition. The orders signed on the exhibition spot valued RMB 30 million.


▲ The Signing Ceremony for ZOOMLION Autocrane Sales Contract


The Signing Ceremony for ZOOMLION Rotary-drill Sales Contract

“The products on display this time are all “localized” star products tailored by ZOOMLION as required by the Indian market and they will be popularized energetically in the Indian market to help build the local infrastructure.” said ZOOMLION's on-the-spot personnel.

It is said that ZOOMLION, coming into the Indian market in 2003, is one of the Chinese engineering machinery companies which entered India at the earliest. Established in Mumbai in 2009, ZOOMLION India Private Limited greatly promoted the sales and after-sales service of the company's engineering machinery products. In 2018, ZOOMLION set up a local marketing and service team in India. And in 2019, a marketing and service network, covering the west, north, south and east of India, came into being. At the same time, ZOOMLION India Private Limited continued to deepen its localization strategy, joined the Indian Industry Association, and participated in the main local industry exhibitions for several times. After a steady development of 16 years, ZOOMLION has more than 200 key customers, its total sales of hoisting equipment, concrete equipment, earthmoving equipment, piling machinery and agricultural machinery came to more than 3,000 sets, and got involved with the construction of many key Indian projects.

As the key strategy of ZOOMLION to embed overseas markets, “Localization” has been carried out well and deepened continuously in India. “In 2019, ZOOMLION bought a greenfield in Maharashtra to build a new plant. Once put into operation in 2021, the new plant will locally produce a wide range of engineering machinery products, such as tower cranes, concrete machinery, construction cranes, and foundation construction machinery to meet the diverse and multi-dimensional demands of the future Indian market in terms of products, services, spare parts, manufacturing as well as research and development”, said ZOOMLION's on-the-spot personnel.

ZOOMLION will comprehensively carry out the localization strategy from manufacturing, R&D, sales, service and spare parts, and penetrate into the Indian market. With the attitude of becoming a “Time-honored brand”, ZOOMLION will manufacture more products, perfect the network, optimize the services for focusing on Indian market, take responsibility for customers and local employees, and develop and grow together with all customers.

As the data show, EXCON is an engineering machinery industry exhibition held by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), with the Indian Federation of Industries, the Builders Association of India and the Indian Association of Construction-Equipment Makers as the co-organizers. According to the official statistics, EXCON2019 attracted 1,250 exhibitors to take part, 350 of whom came from abroad. A total of 10 exhibition areas were set up on the exhibition, with a total area of more than 3 million square meters.