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Zoomlion QAY300 Exported to Argentina as the Largest Tonnage All-terrain Crane in South America


South America. As the largest tonnage all-terrain product exported from China to South America, the product took center stage from the very beginning. With cool appearance and high performance, the product was praised by Argentine agent TECMACO as “Transformer” among cranes. The 7-section 80m ultra-long main arm can meet various lifting demands.


△Magnificent Zoomlion QAY300 All-terrain Crane

In recent years, Zoomlion formulated the overseas development strategy of “channel, spare parts, and localization”, constantly enhancing channel building in overseas market, adjusting measures to local conditions, expanding cooperative partnership, establishing and cultivating overseas marketing network. Taking this opportunity, Zoomlion cooperated with Argentine agent TECMACO, through whom Zoomlion's truck crane, rough-terrain crane, and all-terrain crane have entered Argentine market.

The person in charge of TECMACO said that, last year, they imported the first Zoomlion 150t all-terrain crane ZAT1500. The good-looking and capable equipment attracted attentions from plenty of construction projects. After that, ZAT1500 participated in a number of local hoisting construction projects. The product won customers’ praises for its stability and precision.

“The truck becomes a ‘busy bee’ here, and customers have to make reservation in advance in order to use it. Because of the trust brought about by QAY300, we imported another Zoomlion QAY300 all-terrain crane.”


△Zoomlion's Service Engineering and Argentina TECMACO are Testing QAY300

As the most professional hoisting enterprise in Argentina, TECMACO has several international top-brand truck cranes. The relevant person in charge of TECMACO said, “We choose Zoomlion because of the hoisting performance of their all-terrain equipment, which is comparable to or event better than other global brands in appearance and parameter. In future, we will know more of Zoomlion's products in actual operations.” It is introduced that, QAY300 is planned to be commissioned in Argentine steel plant and other hoisting projects.

QAY300 all-terrain crane is a high performance and high reliability crane applicable to chemical industry, mine, oil field, port, and construction site. The product has highly integrated mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic systems for excellent operating performance, superior fretting behavior, huge hoisting capacity, and extreme lifting height. This is the first 300t all-terrain crane exported after Zoomlion's 500t and 200t all-terrain cranes.


△QAY300 All-terrain Crane's Exported to Overseas for the First Time

Zoomlion's products rely not only on high performance, but also localized service network in Argentine market. The person in charge of Zoomlion’s Argentine regional business said that Zoomlion’s service engineers and agents cooperated to provide customers with timely and professional service.

“Recently, our several rough-terrain cranes also arrived in Argentina, and have already all been ordered by customers. It is believed that, relying on localized sales and service, Zoomlion will become a leader in Argentina's engineering crane market.”