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Zoomlion QUY800 Crawler Crane Helped the Successful Hoisting of the First Wind Turbine of Linxi Canal Wind Power Project


Recently, in Xingtai, Hebei, Zoomlion QUY800 crawler crane helped the successful hoisting of the first wind turbine of Linxi Canal Wind Power Project. Relying on stable, safe, and reliable hoisting performance, QUY800 crawler crane laid a solid foundation for grid-connection and power generation of the wind farm in future.


△QUY800 Crawler Crane is Hoisting Wind Turbine

Linxi Canal Wind Power Project is located in the southeast of Linxi, Xingtai, Hebei, approximately 40km from Xingtai, neighboring Linqing across the canal, situated in the borderline area of two provinces, three cities, and six counties, and is the east gate of Xingtai, as well as the bridge connecting Hebei and Shandong.  

Linxi Canal Wind Power Project plans to install 91 sets of 2.2 megawatts wind turbine generators, with total capacity of 200 megawatts. The first wind turbine generator is comprised of 5 sections of tower columns, machine cabinet, wind wheel blades and rim, leading to total weight of more than 400 tons. Normally, hoisting of 2.2 megawatts wind turbine generator is not difficult to QUY800 crawler crane. However, the wind turbine generator is located on a wheat farmland with loose soil. The chassis and crawler of the crane may easily sink into soil, which increases the difficulty of hoisting operation. Meanwhile, the project is located in a plain area with constant windy weather. Plus small wind turbine platform, narrow entrance road, severe large piece transport condition, and high aerial work risk, the operation was faced with challenges concerning product performance and quality.

Service engineers of Zoomlion meticulously made the hoisting plan. QUY800 crawler crane operated with 147m main arm + 7m wind power pole head, leading to operating range of 22m. After tower column hoisting, machine cabinet was lifted, so as to precisely place the machine cabinet on the top of tower column, realizing fast and efficient installation. Eventually, relying on the powerful hoisting capability, QUY800 overcame difficulties and efficiently completed crane assembly and hoisting.

According to Li Zijun, the person from Engineering Crane Branch and in charge of technical service at the site, the whole work process was implemented smoothly. The service team responded rapidly and completed the hoisting task on schedule. Construction Contractor highly praised the quality, performance, working process and ultra-low load rate of QUY800 crawler crane, and was satisfied with the quick and efficient response of technicians at the site.

Construction Contractor's main director said at the site, “Zoomlion QUY800 crawler crane is stable in performance and excellent in working process, and thoughtful service was provided. We made the right choice.”

Zoomlion QUY800 crawler crane is a high performance, high safety, and high reliability ultra-high tonnage crawler crane with high adaptability to low temperature environment, as well as windy and dusty environment. It is mainly applied for hoisting and construction of large scale steel, thermal power, petrochemical, wind power, and ship building projects. With multiple working configurations, such as unique wind power pole head working mode and standard light-weight arm working mode, the crane is able to meet the installation requirements of wind turbine generators with capacity of 3 megawatts or below. Performance of the product meets international advanced standards and hoisting capacity of the product exceeds industrial level by 5%-20%. The product is designed with intelligent operating mode to realize real-time monitoring of hoisting parameter and working pressure. User-friendly and intelligent design meets ergonomic requirements. The whole crane is of modular design for easy, convenient and reliable assembly and disassembly.