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With Love Passing On, ZOOMLION’s New Batch of Medical Supplies Purchased from Europe Arrives in Changsha


At 8:30 pm on February 14, Changsha Municipal Government shipped by a chartered plane 48.23 tons of donated epidemic prevention materials from Hahn, Germany, to Changsha Huanghua International Airport. It was the first plane chartered by Changsha Municipal Government to receive the largest batch of donated materials since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, including a new batch of 607,000 pieces of medical supplies purchased by ZOOMLION from Germany and shipped to China.


△ A New Batch of Medical Supplies Purchased by ZOOMLION from Europe Arrives in Changsha

It is reported that the new batch of materials purchased by ZOOMLION and shipped to Changsha includes medical protective suits, medical goggles, medical gloves, medical face masks, etc., the most urgently needed on the front of the epidemic prevention. Upon counted, these materials will be donated to the Hunan Provincial Red Cross, designated hospitals, and the Hunan Medical Team Aiding Hubei to help fight the NCP epidemic.

Sun Changjun, Vice President of ZOOMLION, said, “ZOOMLION has organized the action of Global Purchase of Medical Materials for Epidemic Prevention and Control by taking advantage of the localized layout of its global bases for well securing of relevant materials. That is our due responsibility. During its shipping back to China, this batch of materials encountered many troubles. We owe many thanks to the Changsha Municipal Government for helping us solve transportation difficulty and ship the material back to Changsha safely by a chartered plane.”


ZOOMLION’s New Batch of Medical Supplies Purchased from Europe Arrives in Changsha

It is reported that since January 29, ZOOMLION has mobilized its global resources and all its employees to purchase and well deliver qualified medical protective materials with all efforts as quickly as possible. Meanwhile, launching a global procurement model, ZOOMLION has successively shipped its purchased materials back to China to help win the epidemic prevention war.

So far, ZOOMLION has shipped four batches of protective materials from Germany to Changsha. The following shipments will include materials purchased independently from the UAE, Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, and other countries and donated by customers and agents. By mobilizing global resources, it will keep delivering more medical supplies and warm love to the front of epidemic fighting.