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ZOOMLION Tower Cranes Participate in Construction of the Main Venue for the 2022 World Cup


Lusail Stadium, as the largest membrane structure in the world and the main venue for the 22nd World Cup to be held in Qatar in 2022, is under construction intensely. Since the start of the project at the beginning of 2017, 8 Zoomlion TC8039-25 tower cranes have operated continuously, stably, efficiently and safely even under the conditions of extreme weathers. Their high performance has been well received by the employer and construction company, and demonstrated the excellent quality of Zoomlion products for global customers.


▲ Zoomlion TC8039-25 tower cranes participate in the construction of the main venue for the 2022 World Cup, with high efficiency.

Lusail Stadium is located in Lusail, a city in the north of Doha - the capital of Qatar. With planned capacity of 80,000 seats, it intends to undertake opening ceremony, finals, closing ceremony and other important activities of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar as the main venue for the event. After completion, it is to be an international landmark in Qatar. Notably, there are two successful bidders for the project: one is HBK (a local construction company), and the other is China Railway Construction Corporation Limited (CRCC). Lusail Stadium is the first main stadium for the World Cup built by a Chinese firm as the prime contractor.

Great challenges in construction of Lusail Stadium: Reportedly, main body of the stadium has a steel-concrete composite structure, with 100,000 tons of steel used. This 45,000m2 membrane structure, the largest one in the world, provides a great hoisting strength. Moreover, the hot and dry tropics desert climate in Qatar, with the maximum temperature of 45℃ and long summer, poses a great challenge on the reliability of tower crane. Another challenge in construction is that crane tower is unlikely to attach to irregular profiles of the stadium and thus must totally rely on its own stand-alone height. 


▲ Zoomlion TC8039-25 tower crane that participates in the construction of Lusail Stadium

After a comprehensive assessment on product performance and services, the construction company of the project selected Zoomlion TC8039-25 tower crane.

Reportedly, TC8039-25 is an efficient, reliable and intelligent large-tonnage tower crane. With domestic leading and international advanced technical indicators, it is provided with numerous technical advantages such as great stand-alone height, high lifting performance and stable gyration, and widely used in construction of high-rise venues with large cover area. “TC8039-25 has a stand-alone height of 81m, eliminating the need of attachment and solving the attachment challenge in construction. With the maximum lifting capacity of 25 tons, it has high lifting performance and micro control performance, meeting the requirements for heavy steel structure installation in the project and providing stable, precise, efficient and safe lifting operation,” the project leader of the construction company said.

Complete spares resources and timely services are also important reasons why the project sponsor selected Zoomlion. The above project leader stated that, “in addition to product quality and performance, services and spares resources provided by Zoomlion in local area give us a strong guarantee for our concerns. Also, full support and appropriate service from local after-sales agents of Zoomlion in terms of product selection, non-standard foundation design, installation and commissioning, training and other aspects, ensure scheduled completion of the project powerfully.”

For the past few years, extensive application of various types of Zoomlion equipment in construction of new Kuwait airport, Jiaheer Hospital, Subway in Riyadh (the capital of Saudi Arabia) and other major projects in gulf area, has established a good reputation and been a remarkable representative of Chinese manufacturing in gulf area. Looking forward, Zoomlion will continue to improve its overseas development strategy of “localization, channel and spare parts”, to provide excellent products and services for more overseas customers.