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Exciting News! Zoomlion Wins Large Orders of RMB 2.8 Billion on the First Day at Bauma China 2018!


On November 27, bauma China 2018 opened at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. As a leading enterprise in the global equipment manufacturing industry and an important exhibitor, Zoomlion made a grand appearance with 28 types of 4.0 star products in 8 series with the theme of "Smart Manufacturing for a Better Tomorrow". On the day of the opening ceremony, Zoomlion made a good start and won large orders of RMB 2.8 billion from 30 enterprises. 

At the opening ceremony of Zoomlion's exhibition area, Zoomlion's Chairman and CEO Zhan Chunxin led the company's senior executives to attend the event and announced the start of the exhibition. Guo Xuehong, Vice President of Zoomlion, said in his opening speech that, at this exhibition, Zoomlion will fully demonstrate its remarkable achievements since the implementation of the "4.0 Product" project and the significant changes in Zoomlion's products from heavy equipment to intelligent technology.


▲Zoomlion’s senior executives

4.0 new products show strength of smart manufacturing

 “We are now at the intersection of the new technological revolution and industrial transformation, and smart manufacturing has become a common choice for the strategic upgrading of global manufacturing. Zoomlion takes 4.0 intelligent products as the carrier, focuses on spectrum optimization, modular design and intelligent research, and strives to create more reliable, intelligent and environment-friendly products.” Guo Xuehong said that with the 4.0 products at the bauma exhibition as representatives, we can produce products that have "sense, brains and thinking ability" through modern technologies such as sensing and interconnection, and truly realize "products on the Internet, data on the cloud and market on the palm".

It is understood that the 4.0 products at the bauma exhibition cover 8 categories, namely mining machinery, engineering hoisting machinery, construction hoisting machinery, concrete machinery, dry mixing machinery, aerial work machinery, piling machinery and road machinery, all of which are excellent products in Zoomlion's "4.0 Product" project.



▲Zoomlion’s 4.0 crane products

At the same time, the industry's first intelligent hoisting robot – ZTC1300V five-bridge truck crane; ZAT4000V six-bridge all-terrain crane with strong performance and flexibility; ZCC9800W crawler crane that sets new hoisting height records in the industry; ZRT850 85-ton rough terrain wheeled crane that combines superior performance, energy saving and safety; T600-25/32U flat-top large PC tower crane, a new high-efficiency intelligent product integrating world advanced technology; industry-leading brand SC200BZ medium-speed unmanned construction hoist and other cranes of “4.0 Product” also appeared at the exhibition, fully displaying Zoomlion’s outstanding achievements in this field.

At this exhibition, Zoomlion displayed the intelligence of its products through colorful interactive demonstrations for the first time, such as the intelligent hoisting of the 130-ton crane, the intelligent excavation of irregular shapes of excavators, the demonstration of data links in the whole operation process of concrete stations, cars and pumps, the demonstration of CIFA wet spraying machine, and the quick arrival of aerial work vehicles. These "dynamic" 4.0 smart products have become a highlight of the exhibition, attracting Chinese and foreign audiences to stop and watch and leaving a deep impression on the visitors. Meanwhile, the IoT platform was displayed in the key exhibition area to show Zoomlion’s new intelligence level and its demeanor and competitiveness as an industry leader.

At the exhibition on the opening day, visitors showed a strong interest in Zoomlion's 4.0 products and intelligent platforms, believing that they represent the latest trend in the construction machinery industry. A customer expressed his purchase intention on the spot after seeing crane products. He said that Zoomlion's products have an eye-catching appearance, and the upgraded 4.0 products boast many intelligent advantages and are very attractive to him.

New products highlight innovation

After the opening ceremony, Zoomlion held a signing ceremony for large orders and strategic cooperation, with large orders valued at RMB 2.8 billion, including intelligent and green products such as cranes, concrete equipment and aerial work machinery. Zoomlion made a good start on the first day of the exhibition, showing customers' trust in Zoomlion's 4.0 products and their recognition of Zoomlion's scientific and technological strength and status in the industry.


▲Zoomlion’s aerial work mechanical platform

On the day, Zoomlion also held the four new product launch events for earthwork, aerial work, concrete and construction hoisting machinery to demonstrate its continuous innovation. During the new product launch events, Zoomlion held product release promotion and demonstration, awarding and signing ceremonies and other activities so that customers can feel the high performance of Zoomlion’s intelligent 4.0 products and its sincerity and strength of creating value for customers and partners.

Aerial work machinery is a new focus of Zoomlion. In October 2018, Zoomlion launched 8 brand-new products in three categories. Among them, scissors ZS1212, scissors ZS0808 (lithium battery), scissor ZS1012, straight boom ZT26J and curved boom, ZA14J made their debut at the bauma China 2018. These products characterized by “reliability, simplicity, intelligence and efficiency” integrate Zoomlion's traditional technical advantages, IoT, modern sensing and other technologies were inspected and widely acclaimed by guests at home and abroad.

At the aerial work machinery lauch event, Zoomlion released the remote monitoring and lease management platform for aerial work machinery. The remote management platform, mobile APP, the equipment self-control system and other methods can provide failure warning and diagnosis, safety prewarning against overloading, tilting, pot holes, etc., maximize the convenience and safety of mechanical operation and truly install an AI "brain" in machinery.

Meanwhile, on the day of the opening ceremony, Zoomlion officially announced the acquisition of 100% stock rights of Germany’s Wilbert, the world’s top construction crane enterprise, marking the formal entrance of its construction crane business into the European high-end market. With the acquisition, Zoomlion will enter the high-end markets in Europe and America relying on Wilbert’s rich business resources.

Cooperation for values

On November 26, before the opening of bauma China 2018, Zoomlion’s Clients’ Union held the 2018 Annual Meeting and approved 50 units as the second batch of union members. At the bauma China 2018, customers of the Union will participate in the signing ceremonies for orders of different scales and strategic cooperation.


▲On November 27, Zoomlion officially signed a strategic agreement and announced the acquisition of 100% stock rights of Germany’s Wilbert (WILBERT), the world’s top construction crane enterprise.

Hangzhou Must Science and Technology Shares Co., Ltd. in the first batch of customers strategically purchased concrete equipment worth RMB 200 million, which was the third time that Zoomlion dealt with Hangzhou Must at bauma. On the first two occasions, Hangzhou Must purchased dry-mixed mortar and relevant auxiliary products from Zoomlion and the two sides agreed to carry out cooperation. Meanwhile, at the opening ceremony, Zoomlion also signed strategic cooperation agreements with other customers in terms of concrete products so as to jointly conduct new product experiments, cooperative training, etc. The cooperation between Zoomlion and its partners fully demonstrate the customers' high recognition of Zoomlion’s technology and services and the idea of "win-win development" of the Clients’ Union.

According to information, the bauma China 2018 saw Zoomlion’s debut after its comprehensive adjustment of overall service strategies, intensive promotion of service improvement and accessory business reform and shaping and upgrading of the service brand with accelerating efforts.

In the context of fierce competition of product homogeneity, Zoomlion gives priority to user experience and customer service, provides stronger and finer services and after-sales services in a customer-oriented way and drives the product reform and quality improvement so as to truly achieve all-round services.

This May, oriented to its policies, Zoomlion established a matrix management model of headquarters overall supervision and business division process control. With the reform and adjustment of the service system, it separates the after-sales service from parts sales, focuses on the improvement of service quality, builds the service team with professional skill and efficient implementation and realizes the comprehensive and close connection with customers.

Since 2011, Zoomlion has conducted the national service promotion activity every year to convey its philosophy of best service to customers, winning wide praise from customers.

On the night of the opening ceremony, Zoomlion held a gala dinner to share with customers its achievements in intelligent products, smart manufacturing and intelligent services since the implementation of “4.0 Product” project and listen to their use experience and suggestions. During the exhibition, Zoomlion will hold rich and colorful customer interaction and signing activities to demonstrate its idea of continuously researching and developing new intelligent products, providing customers with best products and services, creating greater value for customers and working with them to build a better world.