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Zoomlion Participates in the Construction of China–Pakistan Economic Corridor Project by Helping Build the Road Featuring the Largest Scale in Pakistan


Recently, a number of Zoomlion earth working machineries are busy doing subgrade constructions at the job site of M5 Expressway in Pakistan located in the China–Pakistan Economic Corridor Project. Scurrying about the open and wide construction site, Zoomlion bulldozers are being used in Pakistan for the first time. In recent years, Zoomlion has been initiatively participating in the construction of China–Pakistan Economic Corridor and has completed a variety of major electric power projects, road projects and so on, thus being an important driving force for the infrastructure construction during the urbanization and industrialization process of Pakistan. 


Zoomlion Bulldozer Helps Build Expressway in Pakistan

By report, Peshawar-Karachi Expressway Project in Pakistan is up to now the infrastructure project with the largest amount in China–Pakistan Economic Corridor Project. The main contractor of the project is China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CSCEC). With a total length of 1,152 Km, the expressway connects the northern border city Peshawar to the southern coastal city Karachi in Pakistan, passing through the second largest city Lahore. Located in the middle of the line with a length of 392 Km, the Sukur-Multan section being constructed is designed into three lanes in each direction with a speed of 120 Km per hour and the construction period will be 36 months.

Upon completion, the project will significantly improve the transportation conditions between the two cities, thus greatly promoting the economic and social development of Pakistan and playing a positive role in the communications and exchanges between China and Pakistan.


Customers Speak Highly of Zoomlion Bulldozers for Their Highly Efficient Continuous Operations

In 2016, the contractor CSCEC purchased Zoomlion bulldozers, road rollers and concrete machineries, etc. and began to use them for construction in Multan, which is 400 Km away from the capital Islamabad. Though Multan is a relatively isolated area with difficult transportation and hot and dry climate all the year round, all the five Zoomlion bulldozers have been working normally for over 2,000 hours.

According to the technical principal of Zoomlion, it is the first time for Zoomlion bulldozers to work in Pakistan. Boasting high horsepower, stable performance as well as high-temperature and wearing resistance, the bulldozer model is a “localized” version specially modified and designed by Zoomlion in view of the local climatic environment and working conditions in Pakistan.


Zoomlion Construction Machineries Help Build the Road Featuring the Largest Scale in Pakistan

The principle of the client said, “The reason that we choose Zoomlion products among many other manufacturers’ products after careful comparison is because we recognize Zoomlion brand and the complete and perfect service assurance of Zoomlion Pakistan Branch Company can offer all-round service support for the equipment.”

It is learned that Zoomlion Pakistan Branch Company assumes the after-sales service assurance function for all the equipment and has already delivered some parts to Pakistan as stocks in advance to meet customer’s construction demands and ensure construction efficiency. What’s more, Zoomlion Pakistan Branch Company has specially assigned two local service engineers and one Chinese engineer to reside permanently at the job site, so as to provide 24/7 service assurance and meet any demands during peak construction period.

Thanks to the superior quality, performance and service of Zoomlion products, the client has purchased another six earth working machineries, which will arrive in Pakistan in the near future.

At present, Zoomlion Pakistan Branch Company has set up service facilities and service hotlines in Multan, Sukur, Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi to provide first-rate services to both Chinese and local customers. In addition, the Branch Company’s parts warehouse went into operation in 2016 and has stored commonly-used parts for concrete machineries, mobile cranes, construction hoisting machineries and earth working machineries, etc.

With the construction of the “Belt and Road” and China–Pakistan Economic Corridor being further promoted, more and more Zoomlion equipment will enter Pakistan for construction. While actively exploring the local market and adhering to the “Go global” strategy, Zoomlion will provide better products and more efficient services to help build the China–Pakistan Economic Corridor and “Belt and Road”.