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Zoomlion Placing Boom Has Taken Australia by Storm by Helping to Accelerate the Construction of New Footscray Hospital in Victoria


Recently, at the construction site of the New Footscray Hospital project in Victoria, Australia, 15 concrete placing booms were staggered and in full swing to ensure the concrete placement of the project. These placing booms are Zoomlion's 36m HGC36A-4Z concrete placing booms, which have become the star equipment of the local project with their strong performance and wide range of applications.


Construction site of New Footscray Hospital in Victoria, Australia

Matt, CEO of the construction contracting company of New Footscray Hospital project in Victoria, Australia, said: "This Zoomlion 36m placing boom not only has reliable quality and stable performance, but also has the advantages of high loading and dismantling efficiency, high modularity and 'one machine for multiple uses'. All of our nearly 30 placing booms come from Zoomlion, which is a very reassuring brand."

Zoomlion's Australian-specific 36m placing boom adopts modular tower body, which can use different lengths of columns to combine various tower body heights according to the needs of customers' construction sites. At the same time, the product adopts extended boom structure (the total length of the standard boom section is 36m, while it can become 33m after removing the extended boom), which can meet the needs of different construction sites and achieve multiple uses of one machine, thus saving customers' equipment procurement costs.

It is reported that the New Footscray Hospital in Victoria, Australia, with an investment of up to A$1.5 billion, is the largest public health infrastructure project in the state to date. The project started in May this year and is expected to be put into use in 2025. With high quality and good performance, Zoomlion's placing boom has undertaken more than 90% of the project's concrete placement, providing strong support for the project construction.


Zoomlion's concrete placing boom is working on the project site

According to the introduction, placing boom is a hot product of Zoomlion in the Australian market. As early as 2019, Zoomlion did a comprehensive market research on the safety, user-friendliness and compliance of placing boom in the Australian market, and made a new upgrade of 36m placing boom with reference to the research results, and launched a customized version of placing boom for Australian market that meets the local market demand.


Zoomlion’s concrete placing boom is working on the project site

After years of cultivation and development, Zoomlion's placing boom has a market share of over 60% in Australia, dominating the market. Especially in Victoria, its market share is close to 90%, and Zoomlion placing boom can be seen in almost every high-rise construction project.

Adhering to the principles of specialty, depth and thoroughness, Zoomlion constantly optimizes and upgrades its products and makes technical innovations according to the actual needs of the market and customers to create customized products adapted to the local conditions, so as to achieve a good reputation for quality and performance and thus drive market expansion. Previously, Zoomlion's customized pump trucks and mixer trucks have also entered the Australian market one after another. With more and more localized products entering the market, Zoomlion products will set off a new round of Aurora Green climax in the local market.