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ZOOMLION Ranks Far Ahead of Any Other Overseas Tower Crane Supplier in the South Korean Market by Seizing the New Opportunity of Work Resumption, Making a New High


In recent years, more and more ZOOMLION tower cranes have been found in different major construction project sites of South Korea from the site of the landmark building "Dream Tower" on Jeju Island to various construction sites of common residences; tower cranes of flat-top, luffing jib and other types in aurora green, engineering yellow or the like, marked with the word "ZOOMLION" are increasingly popular everywhere. This year, ZOOMLION has firmly grasped the new opportunity brought by South Korea's work resumption from the COVID-19 epidemic with the sales of its tower cranes higher than those during the same period of previous years, its tower crane business reaching a record high level once again. Besides, as for the South Korean market for tower cranes imported from China, ZOOMLION, as the most needed, commands a share of nearly 50%.


A Group of ZOOMLION Tower Cranes Are in Use for the Construction of the Landmark Building "Dream Tower" on Jeju Island

Though 2020 is witnessing the COVID-19 pandemic, ZOOMLION's overseas business has set another new record. "This is attributed to the years of unremitting efforts of our company and local agents and the operation concept of localization", said Zhang Xin, Regional Manager of ZOOMLION's Construction Hoisting Machinery Overseas Marketing Company (Asia Special Region). "We have taken the opportunity presented by South Korea's work resumption from the pandemic."

From the conversation, we also know that the cooperation between ZOOMLION and local agents in South Korean started in 2013, and ever since, eight years has passed. "Years of cooperation has created a relationship more than business dealings between us," said Zhang Xin. "These local agents are always considering themselves as part of ZOOMLION, members of this big family. During the outbreak of the pandemic in our country at the Spring Festival, South Korean agents donated quantities of face masks to us to help us with work and production resumption."

During the development process of ZOOMLION's globalization, "localization" has constantly been the concept that ZOOMLION sticks to, which is embodied in the aspects of both cooperating with local agents for carrying out local business and developing products suitable for local markets based on local working conditions and users' preferences. The cooperation with local agents paves the way for our product improvement and marketing specific to the local market as if a tiger got wings.

"We improve our existing products depending on the features of the South Korean market to better satisfying local market demand and further enhance product properties according to the feedback from market surveys; at the same time, we invite South Korean customer groups to visit our intelligent tower crane factory in Changde, China for the purpose of acquainting them with the level of our Intelligent production and quality control, the production process of tower cranes and so forth by allowing them to lay eyes on the production line," Zhang Xin told us.

Over recent years, ZOOMLION has made a series of breakthroughs without cease in the tower crane market of South Korea: exporting to South Korea 60- t*m small tower cranes in the earliest years and 400-t*m big tower cranes afterwards, and then all kinds of crane towers including flat-top, hammerhead and luffing-jib tower cranes; meanwhile, establishing project cooperation relationships with Lotte Construction, Daewoo Construction, Samsung and other first-tier construction companies in South Korea.


A Number of ZOOMLION Tower Cranes Are Running on a Project Site of Daewoo Construction, a First-tier Construction Company of South Korea

According to some sources, ZOOMLION, with 60-year sedimentary accretion of research, development and manufacture in construction hoisting machinery, sold construction hoisting machines worth more than RMB 10 billion as the world's biggest in terms of market size in 2019. At present, Phase II of ZOOMLION’s Intelligent Tower Crane Project is under construction on the strength of experience acquired from Phase I, in a bid to completely realize intelligent manufacture. Meanwhile, the company is also building an Eastern China Intelligent Manufacture Base in Jiangyin Lingang Development Zone, to increase its advantages in the Eastern China Market, consolidate the layout in overseas markets, and make for the company's leap from the world's biggest to the world's strongest.

"We will adhere to the business concept of ''mutual benefit and win-win" throughout, sincerely and closely cooperate with our agents, boost local customers' development with excellent products and services, and do our little bit to help local construction with the help of our products, thus achieving the all-win objective," said Zhang Xin.