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ZOOMLION Secure Orders of Nearly RMB700 Million Yuan at the Exhibition of bauma 2019


On April 14, a week-long bauma 2019 Exhibition was successfully ended in Munich, Germany. With the theme of  “Local Presence, Better Lives” , Zoomlion displayed its 43 products in 6 categories at this exhibition where industry leaders and newcomers gathered, attracting a large number of professional clients from all over the world and extensive attention from Chinese and foreign media. During the exhibition, the local high-quality products of Zoomlion, integrated with China-EU technologies, were popular in the market, and Zoomlion secured orders and orders of intention of nearly RMB 700 million yuan, fully demonstrating its extraordinary strength as a giant in the construction machinery industry.


▲Zoomlion exhibition area attracted a large number of professional clients from all over the world

European Localized Model Products were Widely Acclaimed in the World

During the Exhibition of Bauma Germany, eco-fashion aurora green product became a highlight with its giant iron arms and standing heavy parts in the exhibition area of green and intelligent integration design of Zoomlion, which were particularly attractive. The clients and friends from all over the world came in an endless queue to consult and negotiate; the amount of contracts signed on the spot was RMB 300 million yuan while the amount of the client intended orders was about RMB 400 million yuan, and the orders were mainly from markets in Europe, North America, Pan-Pacific and Russian-speaking regions. Among these regions, the amount of contracts signed in the markets of Europe and North America reached about RMB 100 million yuan. The European localized model products won the praise of visitors and media at home and abroad due to its rich product lineup, detailed information and data, enthusiastic staff and professional technical team.


▲Clients who come to Zoomlion for consultation and negotiation were emerged in an endless queue

As a mainstay exhibitor, a major highlight of Zoomlion was that more than 70% of its exhibits at the exhibition were manufactured by its European local enterprises, and these exhibits shall follow the demands, preferences and relevant standards of the European market in terms of product performance, technological innovation and appearance modeling, and also shall show its unique innovative charm in new materials application, energy saving and intelligentization and other aspects.


▲Zoomlion staff enthusiastically explained to clients

During the exhibition, CIFA, an Italian subsidiary of Zoomlion, exhibited many locally manufactured products including pump trucks with global patented carbon fiber boom technology, green hybrid electric mixer trucks of series ENERGYA and mixing and placing pump trucks. M-tec provided global clients with professional equipment (construction dry mixing production equipment, mixer, bulk silo and dry mixing construction machinery, etc) and solutions, and duo-mix connect first exhibited was specially developed and manufactured for “3D printing mortar”. WILBERT also exhibited the WT260 flat head tower crane at the exhibition.

In addition to those products locally manufactured in Europe, a number of new generation 4.0 series products independently developed by Zoomlion were also exhibited at this exhibition, and were highly popular. Their products included ZRT850 tyre cranes specially developed for oil field projects with excellent lifting performance, T7020 flat head tower cranes with excellent lifting capability, all-terrain cranes of series ATC jointly developed by domestic teams of Zoomlion and CIFA, and 4 green, smart and intelligent scissors aerial work platforms and 4 forklifts.

These green and intelligent products, which reflected the in-depth integration and development of China and Europe, offered visitors with an eye-opening experience and won many praises. Among these products, Zoomlion’s 4.0 series flat head tower crane T1200-64W developed for the overseas market won the order of 10 sets from Tiong Woon (Singapore) on the second day of the exhibition.


▲Zoomlion signed contract with Tiong Woon (Singapore)

Zoomlion also showed overseas clients new developments in Internet of Things, Big Data and Industrial AI, etc. ZValley OS signed a memorandum of cooperation with Trans Elite at the 2019 Bauma Germany Exhibition. The two parties will cooperate in many fields, such as equipment condition analysis, market data analysis and so on.

Zoomlion’s appearance at Bauma Exhibition won wide attention and coverage from the global media. More than 20 foreign media from Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, the United States and other countries and regions conducted interviews and reports at the Zoomlion exhibition site. Over 60 domestic mainstream authoritative media had paid continuous attention to the Zoomlion’s appearance at the 2019 Bauma Germany Exhibition.

Setting Sails on the Voyage of Cross-cultural “Marriage” Internationalization

In recent years, Zoomlion has devoted to the strategy of “going-out” by building a global network, and also the strategy of “going-in” by promoting local operation and manufacturing. The great success of Zoomlion at the Bauma Exhibition was the embodiment of its internationalized strategy.

During the Bauma Exhibition, Zhan Chunxin, Chairman of Zoomlion, told the media that after acquiring overseas enterprises, Zoomlion did not assign its Chinese management team, but relied on the local team to manage and operate, just like a big reconstituted family, and established a good trust foundation. Zoomlion shall take the internationalized road to achieve cross-cultural integration and development if it needs to keep growing.

At the Bauma Exhibition, Michael·Medin, General Manager of M-tec told the media that after being merged by Zoomlion, M-tec gained the maximum independent decision-making power and was able to develop business strategies independently in Europe and other key markets around the world, with a performance growth of more than 30% in the past three years. At this exhibition, M-tec came with 12 new mixed mortar equipment products, receiving high attention and recognition from clients all over the world.


▲Zoomlion’s m-tec dry mixed mortar equipment attracted great attention from clients

Effective integration and complementary advantages are the profound experience of Zoomlion in the local development. In the more than 10 years since the acquisition of CIFA, Zoomlion has realized localized manufacturing of its cranes, tower cranes and other advantageous products in Italy and entered the high-end European market. MK28E, the world’s first plug-in hybrid electric mixing and placing pump truck locally manufactured by Zoomlion CIFA, shined brilliantly at this Bauma Exhibition, being well received by the visitors at the exhibition site.

In recent years, Zoomlion has seized the opportunity of “The Belt and Road”, vigorously implemented the internationalization strategy, constantly improved the global trade network and manufacturing network, vigorously promoted local operation and manufacturing based on this and constantly enhanced the manufacturing capacity of the manufacturing platform, especially the comprehensive manufacturing capacity of the European production base. At present, Zoomlion has established 9 overseas production bases across Europe, Asia and the United States, forming a “two horizontal and two vertical” overseas pattern across Eurasia and emerging markets in Asia, and America and Africa.

Industry experts say the only way for Zoomlion to develop and grow is to continue to internationalize and achieve cross-cultural integration and development. With the sustainable and steady growth of overseas business, Zoomlion shall secure its status as a world-class high-end equipment manufacturing leading enterprise, and become a powerful spokesperson for China’s “intelligent manufacturing” on the international stage.