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Performs Efficient Construction in Bangladesh ZOOMLION Marks Another Step Forward in the Overseas Market


"We will absolutely consider ZOOMLION products first for our future projects, very impressed!"

Satisfied with the efficient job by ZOOMLION 4.0 pump trucks, the client didn’t hesitate to show his enthusiastic approval.

The cross-city Airport Expressway in Dhaka, Bangladesh is under construction. On the construction site, is a brand-new ZOOMLION Aurora Green Pump Truck. It slowly reaches out its boom to the viaduct pier nearby. After confirming that the workers on the bridge piers are in position, the mixer started to discharge concrete into the hopper of the pump truck. As the pump truck increased its engine speed, the work started. In less than a minute, concrete was poured into the mold accurately and continuously from the hose at the end of the boom.


ZOOMLION’s 49m 4.0 Pump Truck Assists the Construction of the Dhaka Airport Elevated Expressway

"Unlike the other pump trucks I operated before, I barely felt the boom moving even in 8th gear. ZOOMLION is definitely deserving of its reputation." Standing on the bridge, Ahmed, the local operator smiled and praised ZOOMLION to Farouk, ZOOMLION’s Service Manager of Agents in Bangladesh.

Who else could be more suitable to comment on a pump truck than a front-line operator? The Aurora Green Pump Truck Ahmed just mentioned, is the pilot product for the 4.0 series. In addition to

the shock absorption technology used on the boom, the truck is also equipped with pumping adaptive technique, which allow customers to pump various types of concrete and the pump can automatically adjust itself for different materials. Compared with other brands of pump trucks of the same size, this product can effectively reduce the chance of blockage in the pump by over 50%; the truck is also equipped with engine adaptive technique that can effectively increase fuel efficiency, and reduce the overall fuel consumption by more than 15% compared to the previous generation.


ZOOMLION’s 49m 4.0 Pump Truck Assists the Construction of the Dhaka Airport Elevated Expressway

The construction of the first section of the Dhaka Airport expressway that ZOOMLION Aurora participated in was one of the many projects ITDB has in Bangladesh. As one of the top ten construction companies in Thailand, ITDB has been actively engaging in the overseas markets in recent years. As of December 2020, it has won bids for many projects in Bangladesh, including the first section of the Dhaka Airport Expressway and the renovation of Dhaka Railway Station, and more Bangladesh projects.

ITDB purchased nearly 10 products of ZOOMLION equipment such as trailer pumps, cranes, and aerial work platforms, in addition to pump trucks. The reliable performance and good user experience during construction has helped ZOOMLION to win trust from ITDB.

A person in charge of ITDB said: "I had my doubts on Chinese products when the subsidiary company insisted on purchasing from ZOOMLION. After all, we have always used German or Japanese brand equipment, but after seeing the performance of the ZOOMLION pump truck, all my worries were gone. We will absolutely consider ZOOMLION products first for our future projects."

Liu Dong, the sales manager of ZOOMLION in Bangladesh, said: “In recent years, customers have witnessed the quality and experienced the comprehensive service of ZOOMLION’s products. With the market share continuing to increase in the local market, the agents are full of confidence for an even better future. And we will continue to contribute to the BRI with our products and services, and strive to achieve win-win cooperation with our customers."