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New Breakthrough in Overseas Market--Debut of Zoomlion's All-terrain Crane QAY200 in Africa


Recently, in Uganda of Africa, a Zoomlion's all-terrain crane QAY200 in aurora green color was commissioned in the construction of local oil project. It is reported this is the largest truck crane in Uganda, as well as the first brand new VI 200-ton all-terrain crane of Zoomlion in Africa, indicating a new breakthrough of Zoomlion in overseas market.


△QAY200 All-terrain Crane Is in Operation

It is reported that, QAY200 all-terrain crane will play its role in Uganda's Hoima Oil Field and Pipeline Project. The oil field's pipeline is 1,443km in length, and is expected to be put into production in 2020. UK Tullow, France Total, and CNOOC jointly participate in the construction of the pipeline. After construction of Hoima Oil Field, Uganda will become the third largest oil reservoir country in Africa, trailing Angola and Nigeria.

In order to implement the key project, the customer has strictly requirements on construction equipment. The person in charge said that they eventually chose Zoomlion among multiple construction machinery enterprises. On one hand, they approved Zoomlion's products and professional technical solutions. On the other hand, Zoomlion has complete after-sales service system in local regions, which may provide equipment with excellent service support.


△QAY200 All-terrain Crane Is in Operation

The maximum hoisting weight of QAY200 is 200 tons. The project is upgraded in hydraulic and electrical control system to make it more efficient. Drawing support from dual control sticks, the product realizes combined operations between lifting, amplitude variation, rotation, and retraction mechanism, which greatly improves operating efficiency of crane and is suitable to various working conditions and environments. Meanwhile, the product has advantages of easy and flexible operation, stable and reliable performance, and continuous speed variation.


△QAY200 All-terrain Crane Successful Hoisted Oil Storage Tank

Considering the tight schedule of project, new equipment must be put into operation as soon as possible. As for this, Zoomlion assigned engineers to organize systemic trainings for equipment operators before Spring Festival of 2018. Through patient introduction and field demonstration of service engineers, equipment operators soon mastered operation of the product.

“Zoomlion’s technicians came to the site many times, provided timely response to our technical demands, offered all-around technical guidance, gave comprehensive after-sales service support, and are worthy of our trust,” said the above person in charge.


△Zoomlion’s Service Engineers Trained Operators

Since entering the African market in 2007, Zoomlion has been making innovation breakthroughs ceaselessly. Through establishing and improving channel network, improving product competition strategy, and enhancing service part supporting system, market layout is taking shape. Zoomlion is one of the top 3 Chinese construction machinery export manufacturers in Africa.

According to the person in charge of Zoomlion in African region, there have been more than 4,000 Zoomlion machines commissioned in Africa. Meanwhile, Zoomlion has subsidiary in South Africa, offices in Algeria and West Africa, and spare parts warehouse in Algeria and Johannesburg, South Africa. “In Africa, we have localized service team comprised of more than 20 members, providing local customers with one-stop services covering sales, service, technology, and financing.”

In the past 10 years, Zoomlion has taken part in plenty of key projects in Africa, including the famous Algerian East-West Highway Project, Djama Grand Mosque Project, Algerian Capital Airport New Terminal Project, South Africa World Cup Stadium Project, Kenya Mombasa-Nairobi Railway Project, Kenya Nairobi Outer Ring Road Project, Tanzania Central Standard Gauge Railway Project, and Hass Towers (the highest skyscraper project in Africa), providing fast and strong support for African infrastructure construction and urbanized development..