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Industrial Innovation––Zoomlion “Two-in-One” 37M 4.0 Pump Truck Won Market Recognition


Since rural revitalization strategy was proposed in reports of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, “turning countryside into a beautiful land of peace and contentment” has become a public concern. In 2018, the “No.1 Central Document” was again themed on the implementation of rural revitalization strategy, which explicitly required adhering to “urban-rural integration development”, including promoting rural revitalization in new urbanization.

Urbanization is an indispensable link in new urbanization process. Construction projects, such as township-level projects, farmland water conservancy, road hardening, and house building, have high demands on concrete. Limited by rural road and site condition, it is hard to construct with large-scale concrete pumping equipment. In order to solve the problem, Zoomlion Concrete Machinery Branch specially developed brand new 4.0 product--37m high-precision high-efficiency pump truck. It is aimed at rural market, with significant advantages, such as high flexibility and convenience, and easy maintenance, easy operation. Once released, the product has drawn wide attention from the market.


Apart from “standard” technical specifications of 4.0 product, such as cost efficiency, energy conservation, easy maintenance, high adaptability, and intelligent equipment management, Zoomlion’s 37m high-precision and high-efficiency pump truck also has two industrially ingenious technologies. First of all, the product has superior pumping capability in the industry. According to concrete technical director of Zoomlion, maximum pumping pressure of the product reaches 15MPa, which is the highest among products of the same length in the industry. In addition, its maximum feeding height is 36.5m. Owing to flexible relocation and less land occupancy, apart from rural market, the product also meets the demand of subgrade construction of high-speed railway, being favorably referred to as “a holy grail for high-speed rail construction” by technicians.

Secondly, it is the first two-in-one “pumping device” in the industry.  It is reported that, Zoomlion’s 37m high-precision and high-efficiency pump truck is equipped with professional truck-mounted pump pipe, which may be dismounted and refitted into a truck-mounted pump, greatly improving the adaptability of the equipment in small-batch, multi-site, and narrow field construction, and largely enhancing the use ratio of equipment. Hearing the development of the pump truck’s prototype, there were many old customers consulting from sales personnel about details of the product. After hearing detailed introduction of the product, some customers praised: “two-bridge 37m, two-in-one design for both high and low elevations, switchable between high and low pressure, and high-standard configurations, what a perfect product!”


▲Zoomlion 37m High-precision and High-efficiency Pump Truck Pump

It is reported that, in order to meet customer demands, as early as in 2015, Zoomlion initiated the 4.0 product project centered on “modular platform + intelligent product”. Later on, in Zoomlion’s product sales list, 4.0 product integrating intelligent manufacturing and scientific innovation became most customers’ preferred choice. Shown by Zoomlion's annual report of 2017, the company totally developed forty one 4.0 products last year, and 28 of them have completed prototypes. Throughout the year of 2017, in the new product sales income of Zoomlion, the proportion of 4.0 products exceeded 50%. As for concrete pump truck, the company has developed competitive 4.0 products of 10 sizes from 24m to 63m. Taking the high-precision and high-efficiency 56m concrete pump truck as the example, the product won the First Hu’nan Product Innovation Award. Moreover, as “a super large cantilever”, the product participated in the Military Parade for the 90th Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Liberation Army. By February 2018, the product had been sold in Anhui, Hubei, Shanghai, Guangdong, Jiangsu, and Northwestern provinces, realizing cumulative sales amount of RMB 2.67 billion, with market shares taking the lead among similar products.

According to Zoomlion's concrete market department director, the newly developed 37m high-precision and high-efficiency pump truck will have its first batch of products completed in early June. “The product is of high cost efficiency, truly realizing ‘small investment and big return’. At present, there are many customers, including overseas customers, who are making enquiries and pre-orders. Future market performance of the product is promising,” said the director.