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Zoomlion Signs an Order from Russia Worth Nearly 100 Million Yuan to Provide Products for the Building of 2018 World Cup Stadium


Recently, president of a Russian company and his two companions came to visit Zoomlion. They spoke highly of Zoomlion’s strong research, development and innovation ability, advanced manufacturing capability and strict management. Especially in the hoisting demonstration of the 500-ton and 650-ton crawler cranes, they kept praising the exquisite technique and user-friendly design of the equipment. After personally operating the 500-ton crawler crane, the president said: “As for this kind of large equipment, besides the advanced technical support to meet a variety of functions, it is more important to facilitate the operation and routine maintenance. Zoomlion has met all requirements, and done better than European brands!” They ordered three large-tonnage crawler cranes worth nearly 100 million Yuan on the spot. It is learned that the three crawler cranes will be used for building the 2018 World Cup Stadium in Russia.             




This company is the largest leasing company specialized in heavy hoisting equipment in Russia, providing service for many large national projects. It leads the industry in Russia. At present, it has over 50 heavy hoisting equipments, all being top brands of Europe. Only in recent years has it begun to understand Chinese products. During this visit to China, they chose Zoomlion as the first partner.           

The president highly appreciates the corporate culture of Zoomlion. He said his company had a lot in common with Zoomlion in terms of concept, and believed that the bilateral cooperation would be successful.Additionally, the two sides also negotiated about the matter of gradually replacing the original European products with the large-tonnage cranes of Zoomlion. Meanwhile, in-depth discussions were also made on the matter of introducing the environmental industry of Zoomlion into the cooperation projects of the Tatarstan Republic of Russian Federation and the agricultural machinery cooperation project.