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Max. lifting capacity on heavy duty boom(S)/RadiusWithout D and B       t × m450 × 6
With D and B   m500 × 12
Length of heavy duth boom(S)Without D and B           m24-90
With D and B   m36-96
Length of light duty boom(SL)Without D and B            m48-108
With D and B   m78-126
Dead weight of crane with basis boomm370
Length of luffing jib(W)m28-84
Max.lifting capacity on luffing jibWithout D and B   t × m190 × 13
With D and B  t × m235 × 16
Boom angle when luffing jib is used65,75,85
Max. length of heavy duty boom withWithout D and B           m60+72
With D and B   m84+84
SLHS boom
Main boom     m84-108
Wind plant jib   m7
Max.lifting capacity    t×m126×16
Single rope speed of winchesHoisting winch 1m/min0-137
Hoisting winch 20-137
Main boom derricking winch0-50
Luffing jib derricking winch0-123
Superlift derricking winch0-143
Hoisting winch 30-109
Slewing speedrpm


Traveling speedkm/h0-1.0
Ground pressureMpa0.139
Transport dimensions of basic machinemm12180×3345×3205Without A-frame 
Max.transport weight of single piece

EngineRated power / rotational    speedkW/r/min360/1800
Output torque /rotational    speedNm/r/min2200/1300
Exhaust emission
EU Stufe 3A
Distance between track    center × crawler contact length × crawler widthmm8000 ×9800×1350

Construction Case Picture
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