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Asphalt Mixing Equipment LB 2000

LB Series Asphalt Mixing Equipment is one of the products in the series of Zoomlion’s LB-type mixing equipment. Mandatory intermittent mixing technique is adopted and modular design is used to facilitate assembly and transportation. Endowed with the world’s advanced technical performance, the product can output high-quality asphalt mixture under various environments and conditions. It features accurate measurement, advanced control, energy conservation and environmental protection, thus being widely used in the construction of high-level roads, airports, wharfs and municipal roads.

Zoomlion Side-placed Asphalt Mixing Plant Series:
--Large capacity of mixed materials’ storage bin and easy site-transfer, assembly and disassembly
Zoomlion Underlying Asphalt Mixing Plant Series:
--Smooth operation, good anti-segregation effect, optimal land utilization and small power of complete machine
Zoomlion Container-type Asphalt Mixing Plant:
--Easy container transportation, convenient export and optimal land utilization
Zoomlion Asphalt Mixing Plant Heat Regeneration Equipment:
--Compatible to main asphalt mixing plant products on the market and environmentally-friendly        

Mixing    capabilityKg/batch2000
Rated    productivityt/h160
Temperature    of finished material°C130-200
Temperature    control error°C± 3
Fuel    consumptionkg/t (materials)≤    6.3

Aggregate (static /    dynamic)

%≤±    0.5% / ± 2.0%
Powder (static / dynamic)%≤±    0.3% 1 ± 2.0%
Asphalt (static / dynamic)%≤±    0.1%/ ± 1.0%≤20
Exhaust    dust concentrationmg/Nm3
Noise    of operation stationdB(A)≤70
Total    installed powerkW430/390
NotesLBJ    and LBX represent container-type asphalt plant and asphalt plant with    underlying mixed materials' storage bin respectively.
Coal    or natural gas burners are optional.
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