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ZOOMLION Participates in the Construction of State-level Projects to Help Fulfill the Dream of "A Golden Bangladesh"


Days ago, on the construction site of Gandharbpur Water Treatment Plant, a state-level key project to improve people's livelihood in Dhaka City, Bangladesh, the ZOOMLION HZS120P mixing station was successfully put into operation after intensive installation and commissioning work, as a sign of great advancement of the project construction, providing a crucial guarantee for the construction of this water treatment plant project.


△ The Mixing Station Customized by ZOOMLION for Gandharbpur Water Treatment Plant was Delivered and Put into Production in An Efficient Way.

According to relevant information, Gandharbpur Water Treatment Plant, a Bangladeshi key project to improve local people's livelihood, will have a daily capacity of up to 500,000 tons of treated pure water after completion, serving as an effective solution to the drinking water problem millions of residents in Dhaka City are facing, and effectively relieving the pressure arising from exploiting underground water. "Since the launch of the project, we have been engaging in the installation and service work with relation to the mixing station without a stop in return for the trust put in the quality of our products and service, which is embodied by choosing our ZOOMLION HZS120P mixing station for a state-level project," said one of ZOOMLION’s engineers in charge of this Project.

In order to produce high-quality concrete as early as possible, during the period of installing the mixing station, the engineers from ZOOMLION and the installation personnel of Bangladesh arrived at the site and started work at 6:30 every morning. The engineers from ZOOMLION paid great attention to every detail in installation and demonstrated operation methods to the operators in person, and, at the same time, the local installation personnel went all out to cooperate with ZOOMLION’s engineers and local operators acted with patience under the engineers' instruction. And finally, the time when the concrete is “discharged” arrived immediately following the completion of the mixing station construction on the strength of joint efforts.

"The first commissioning of the mixing station was a success, bringing quite smooth concrete discharging and stable equipment running. The ZOOMLION's high-efficiency and speedy action in terms of installation and the stable operation quality of its products laid a solid basis for the excellent construction efficiency and rapid construction progress of the project. And ZOOMLION's good practice is also an interpretation of its service philosophy of providing one-stop integral solutions for customers," said the construction party of the project as a compliment.

ZOOMLION armed with cutting-edge technical strength in the R&D and manufacture of concrete mixing products, the only enterprise integrating "the national engineering and technological research center", "the national key laboratory" and "the national technology center" as well as the only manufacturer of high-end equipment used in environmental-protection mixing stations and plants in China's concrete engineering machinery industry, has built the first HZS50 type mixing station in China and has the largest market share in mixing station/plant designing and manufacturing in the industry. Furthermore, ZOOMLION has established the national standard for concrete mixing stations (plants) and the industrial standard for environment-friendly concrete mixing stations (plants). ZOOMLION’s mixing stations have enjoyed the favorable reception from the customers from countries in South America and Southeast Asia.


△ ZOOMLION Has Superior Technical Strength in the R & D and Manufacture Fields of Mixing Stations

The project of Gandharbpur Water Treatment Plant will make for the water quality improvement, environmental protection intensification, and people's living quality improvement in the Dhaka area, to create conditions for Bangladeshi economy and society to develop sustainably. The ZOOMLION mixing station for this Project was efficiently delivered and put into operation, facilitating the realization of the dream “A Golden Bangladesh”, and ZOOMLION will continue to strengthen cooperation with all parties of Bangladesh to achieve win-win development.