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Zoomlion Further Develops on the “Belt and Road” and Gears up Infrastructure Construction in Indonesia with Localized Services


Recently, two Zoomlion QUY180 crawler cranes are doing hoisting works for constructing the viaduct of an expressway in Djakarta, Indonesia. It is reported that these two products, purchased by a local Indonesian customer, are another two orders of this customer since the first purchase in March of this year.

As a key point in Zoomlion’s layout on the “Belt and Road” in recent years, Indonesia is also one of the areas where Zoomlion products sell well. In particular, Zoomlion cranes are well received by the local users.


QUY180 Crawler Cranes Help Build Viaduct Project in Indonesia

As introduced by the construction side, these QUY180 crawler cranes are mainly used for hoisting the box girders of the viaduct of the expressway from the capital Djakarta to Bekasi. With a length of 60m and a weight of over 90t, each viaduct box requires that two crawler cranes work together to ensure stable installation. Boasting easy installation, stable performance, high operating efficiency and smooth operation, Zoomlion QUY180 crawler cranes fully ensure successful construction.

However, what is valued more by the customer is the convenient and quality service offered by Zoomlion—from product installation to design of construction scheme and then to the final debugging and maintenance, Zoomlion service engineers help with every step for proper adjustment.


QUY180 Crawler Cranes Help Build Viaduct Project in Indonesia

“We have customized a unique vehicle state management system for customers to set up a service alert system, so as to timely solve all their problems. In addition, as our service engineers always help customers with jobsite troubleshooting in the soonest possible way, our Indonesian friends are touched by this efficient and down-to-earth style,” said the principal of Zoomlion Indonesian Region.

Data show that Zoomlion mobile cranes have occupied an important position in the Indonesian market over the past years. What’s more, having made painstaking efforts in overseas services for further upgrades, Zoomlion earns even more favor from Indonesian customers by its complete parts system and timely response.

According to the customer’s purchasing manager, “We bought several units of ZCC800 crawler cranes at the beginning of this year, and we are deeply impressed by Zoomlion’s outstanding product performance and quality services, which lays a solid foundation for this operation. We think that the products and services from Zoomlion are excellent, so we decide to order another 5 units of QUY180.”

Information shows that Zoomlion has enhanced its parts, service and training support systems in countries along the “Belt and Road” to improve corresponding service efficiency. In Indonesia, it has two major parts centers, namely Djakarta parts warehouse and Outside Island parts sub-warehouse, with a parts inventory totaling about one million USD to ensure timely and complete parts supply.

Moreover, in order to fully improve service responsiveness, professional service hotline for Indonesia is available and more local service engineers are recruited to set up a professional service engineer team based on the national service network formed by dealers, thus achieving more smooth communication and more considerate services.

As the construction of the “Belt and Road” is being further accelerated, construction of infrastructures related to tourism in India like airports, ports, roads, bridges and power plants, etc. will be constantly perfected, which will bring opportunities to more Chinese enterprises. According to relevant principal from Zoomlion, “As equipment provider, we will continue grasping these opportunities by implementing ‘localized’ construction and building innovative service system, and we believe that Zoomlion products will appear in more infrastructure projects in Indonesia and elsewhere along the ‘Belt and Road’”.