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ZOOMLION’s High-end Smart Manufacturing Takes Center Field on the “Belt and Road”; China’s First Mobile Placing Boom Exported to Bangladesh


ZOOMLION’s first concrete placing zoom, HGM19A-3R, was recently delivered to Bangladesh among the countries along the “Belt and Road” from Changsha, Hunan. This is not only the first mobile concrete placing zoom ZOOMLION has sold to Bangladesh, but also China’s first exported to Bangladesh.

As the pioneer to develop and manufacture concrete placing booms in China, ZOOMLION undertook the Critical Equipment and Technology for Ready-mixed Concrete, a national program for science and technology development of China, during the “Eighth Five-Year Plan” period. Through critical research on this subject, it succeeded in engineering China's first concrete placing boom. Since then, the company has developed 45m, 41m, 36m, 33m, 29m, 22m, 19m and other types of fully hydraulic concrete placing booms, and set relevant national industry standards.

Knowing that ZOOMLION boasts strong R&D and manufacturing capabilities, the customer finally chose ZOOMLION from among many brands.

ZOOMLION maintains close communication and cooperation with the customer all the time, and supports each other to overcome difficulties together even after the outbreak of COVID-19 this year. In the early stages of China’s fight against the virus, the customer took the initiative to purchase a batch of supplies for the pandemic, and entrusted a Bangladesh agent to hand them over to ZOOMLION. At the end of March when Bangladesh was putting everything into the fight against COVID-19, ZOOMLION sent a wide range of anti-pandemic supplies secured to the customer at the top speed as soon as it learned the shortage of medical supplies in Bangladesh locally.

 “ZOOMLION is a company with a sense of social responsibility. In the future, we will give priority to ZOOMLION when purchasing equipment, ”said the customer with emotion after  receiving the anti-pandemic supplies from ZOOMLION.

Today, ZOOMLION’s all kinds of equipment can be found in large-scale projects such as the Padma Bridge in Bangladesh. Looking ahead, the company will continue to focus on the countries along the “Belt and Road”, uphold the principles of “going global, moving forward, and going upward”, and join forces with all parties to make contributions to the “Belt and Road” initiative.