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Two Luffing Jib Tower Cranes Assist Building the New Landmark in Turkey ZOOMLION Remains Strong in The Overseas Market


The ancient country of Turkey is often called the "cradle of civilization".

Today, it will soon be home to another landmark, the Istanbul International Financial Center, the future tallest building in the Mediterranean region. To accomplish this world-renowned project, ZOOMLION's large-tonnage luffing jib tower crane has been working all winter long.

“The easy installation and efficient operation of ZOOMLION’s 50-ton large-tonnage luffing jib tower crane have become the one thing construction companies and equipment leasing companies around here are talking about. They have also shown strong interest in working with ZOOMLION. The heavy-duty tower crane has made a name for itself in Turkey!" The client project manager was not hesitant at all to express his praise of it. ZOOMLION was professional and reliable at the equipment bidding, the on-site installation, and during construction. The professional and comprehensive services during the whole process allowed ZOOMLION to earn the customers’ trust.



ZOOMLION's Luffing Jib Tower Crane Assists The Construction Of The Tallest Building In The Mediterranean Region

                                                                         On-Time Delivery as Promised                                                                                   

The Istanbul International Financial Center (IIFC) is being built on a 170-acre site. It will include approximately 45 million square feet of office, residential, retail, conference, hotel and park space. After completion, it will reach 353.5 meters in height and become the tallest building in the Mediterranean area. It will then accommodate the leading companies in the Turkish financial market, state-owned and private banks, and other companies in this field. The Turkish government hopes to make Istanbul an international financial center through this landmark project.

As a project of national interests, our customer invited many crane manufacturers around the world to the bidding, and ZOOMLION stood out among all participants. Mehmet, the Customer Project Manager said: “ZOOMLION promised to deliver the equipment within 110 days after the order is confirmed.”

On October 23, 2020, the two L760-50 luffing jib tower cranes ordered by the customer were shipped from ZOOMLION's Tower Crane Smart Factory in Changde, and arrived in Turkey for delivery as scheduled. Always think from the customer’s perspective, ZOOMLION also proposed to modify the plan at early stages, which effectively reduced transportation costs. As a result, customers feel more and more comfortable working with ZOOMLION.

Reliable Performance That You Can Always Count On

Just like the old saying goes, “a long journey proves the stamina of a horse”, ZOOMLION’s tower cranes’ advantages in wind resistance, stability, and load-bearing never disappoint during construction.

The L760-50 luffing jib tower crane is a classic and star product of ZOOMLION, and ZOOMLION has made some customized improvements to the cranes as per requested. According to ZOOMLION’s R&D engineer, the unsupported height of this model can reach 51.45 meters, the maximum reach is 60 meters, and the maximum load can reach 50 tons, or 11 tons when the load is positioned at the end of the jib, a very powerful piece of equipment. As soon as the L760-50 entered the construction site, it took on the heavy tasks of hoisting the steel frame and concrete prefab parts, and became the main force of the construction.

The crane is also easy to operate and convenient to maintain. We learned from the relevant person in charge from ZOOMLION that: “The lifting, frequency conversion and slewing mechanism of the L760-50 tower crane adopts ABB full frequency conversion control. The shock impact caused by starting, stopping and braking of the equipment is very minimal, and it is safer and more responsive and more accurate in hoisting.” To allow operators to work more comfortably and be better able to conduct easy maintenance work, the L760-50 is equipped with a smart and comfy control room, including an automatic positioning camera, an electric wiper, and an automatic lubrication controller.

All Problems Can Be Solved with ZOOMLION’s Professional and Efficient Service

To ensure the smooth delivery and installation of the products, ZOOMLION dispatched three service engineers to the construction site to follow up throughout the entire process. Whenever the customer encounters any difficult problems, the service engineers will be there to help.

"During the installation, we were unable to install the product outriggers by our drawing specifications due to the local situation. So, we re-formulated the technical plan that meets R&D specifications and local conditions, and successfully completed the outrigger pre-embedding. Also, We were unable to keep all the parts of L760-50 on site due to limited storage space, so we re-planned the installation sequence and hoisting plan accordingly, and the installation was completed fairly quickly,” said the service engineer of ZOOMLION who was in charge of the project.

The service engineers of ZOOMLION were always ready to help with their professional attitude and knowledge, and they were very appreciated by the customer's project department and on-site workers.



ZOOMLION Overseas Service Engineers Stationed At The Construction Site

Today, two blue and white L760-50 luffing jib tower cranes are still operating efficiently in the Istanbul International Financial Center project in Turkey, and their presence has become a famous local advertisement for ZOOMLION. It has become the most shining business card for “made in China” products in Turkey.