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ZCC2600 Crawler Crane Exported to Kenya Zoomlion 4.0 Products Go Further in Overseas Market


In Zoomlion's Quantang Industrial Park, a worker in blue uniform is performing final safety inspection on a trailer. Later on, the ZCC2600 crawler crane will start its journey of being exported to Kenya.


▲Employee of Zoomlion is Inspecting ZCC2600 Crawler Crane before Transportation

“This is our first export of crawler crane 4.0 product to overseas,” said the worker.

According reported, ZCC2600 crawler crane is a new generation middle tonnage 4.0 product developed by Zoomlion with its years of experience in R&D, design, and manufacturing. The crane integrates advanced technologies of structural optimization, intelligent manufacturing, intelligent control, and information technology, with advantages like superior operating capability, convenient and efficient assembly/disassembly, and intelligent operation. Since its release in the domestic market, the product has been widely welcomed by users. 

“Its mechanical operating speed is improved by nearly 20%, with maximum single-piece transport weight of 30.5 tons and transport width of 3m to meet new road transportation requirements for high transportability. Moreover, ZCC2600 is also equipped with full-view operating room, as well as centralized operating switches and buttons near hands to realize easy operation. It also has air conditioning vents to ensure comfortable operating space,” said an engineer from Zoomlion's Crane Branch.

“Moreover, it inherits the unique advantages of Zoomlion in crane products: convenient and efficient assembly/disassembly, for the whole unit assembly can be done in less than 6 hours. On this basis, the product realizes 4.0 intelligent upgrade: users have access to functions like equipment management, statistical report, maintenance, failure alarm, equipment positioning, and track playback via mobile phone APP, which improves equipment manageability and operation efficiency.”

With the reputation, overseas orders for ZCC2600 crawler crane come in flocks.

“From receiving the manufacturing notice to delivery, the whole cycle, including manufacturing, packaging, and transport, is less than 20 days. Benefited by our previously acquired manufacturing acceleration ability, manufacturing scheduling ability, and rich shipment packing experience, it only took us 16 days to finish the delivery,” said Zhou Yanhua from Schedule Room of Zoomlion's Engineering Crane Branch.

It is reported that Zoomlion's crane product has always been leading the industry and widely welcomed by the market. Since 2018, overseas orders of the company have been increasing dramatically, contributing to a boom in manufacturing. Shown by Zoomlion's Q1 performance report, the company’s construction machinery business experienced a revenue growth of approximately 80%, keeping a stunning growth momentum year on year. Estimated by an operating officer from Zoomlion's Engineering Crane Branch, in Q1, construction crane product realized a manufacturing growth rate of 80%, and sales shipment growth rate of 120% on a year-on-year basis. Manufacturing and sales shipment in Q1 achieved a record high in the last 6 years, and created the new record of making nearly 1,000 shipments in a single month.

While the marker is booming, Zoomlion continues promoting its 4.0 products into the market to improve its sales structure and profitability. “ZCC2600 is Zoomlion's first 4.0 crane exported to overseas, which indicates a major breakthrough of Zoomlion's crawler crane 4.0 products in overseas market. In 2018, we will build out high-end brand image in global market, further improve products’ added value and market share,” said a relevant person in charge of Zoomlion's construction crane branch.