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Be United as One! ZOOMLION will Donate the First Batch of One Million Face Masks and Medical Protective Materials to Help Prevent and Control the Epidemic


The epidemic of novel coronavirus pneumonia has attracted attention from all people. Face masks, protective suits, goggles, etc. have become much-needed supplies for epidemic prevention and control. Under the strong leadership and unified arrangement of the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Prevention and Control Work Leading Group of Hunan Provincial CPC Committee, ZOOMLION has consciously assumed the political responsibility to win the battle of epidemic prevention and control, quickly mobilized the entire company’s forces, and purchased face masks and medical protective materials globally to help prevent and control the epidemic. At present, ZOOMLION has purchased key protective materials such as face masks, protective suits, and goggles from Europe, the Middle East, South Asia, and other parts of the world. The first batch of one million face masks and medical materials will gradually be transported to China to help fight the epidemic with all efforts!


△ Some Protective Materials Purchased by ZOOMLION from Overseas are Ready to be Loaded and Transported by Air to Changsha

ZOOMLION’s materials purchased globally include N95 respirators, disposable medical face masks, protective suits, gloves, goggles, etc. Mr. Li Bin, Director of the International Business Management Department of ZOOMLION, said, “Against the epidemic, ZOOMLION’s employees from all parts of the world are actively taking action to purchase quickly by all efforts and contributing suggestions to prevention and control of the epidemic. These materials were acquired from Germany, Italy, Russia, Bangladesh, Turkey, Pakistan, and many other countries”.

ZOOMLION’s overseas branches are also actively engaged in this action of protective materials support. At present, the materials purchased from Germany have been gathered at Wilbert, a subsidiary of ZOOMLION near Frankfurt Airport. Wilbert's employees are all working overtime to quicken packing and transporting of the materials and making every effort to support China’s fight against the epidemic. In consideration of the tight transportation capacity of Minsk Airport, the staff of the ZOOMLION Industrial Park in Belarus drove more than 1,000 km to carry the materials across the border to the Moscow Airport of Russia for supply to China as soon as possible. Such overseas parks as m-tec from Germany, CIFA from Italy, the base in Belarus, and others of ZOOMLION in addition to its subsidiaries or offices in Bangladesh, Turkey, and Pakistan have actively responded and purchased protective materials locally to support the fight against the epidemic in China. After the first batch of one million face masks and protective supplies gradually arrive, ZOOMLION will quickly donate them to the front medical staff through the Hunan Provincial Red Cross.


△ ZOOMLION Employees of Wilbert, Germany are Packing Materials

It is reported that, before that, ZOOMLION had arranged in emergency nearly 80 sets of machinery and equipment to support the construction of Wuhan Huoshenshan and Leishenshan Hospitals. Meanwhile, nearly 1,000 N95 respirators, protective suits, etc. purchased from Germany by its employees were also manually carried to Changde and donated to Changde Second People's Hospital in urgent need of medical protective materials.  

It is urgent to prevent and control the epidemic. ZOOMLION will keep close attention to the front of epidemic control, coordinate global resources, devote all efforts to the fight, make every effort to deliver medical supplies in distribution as soon as possible, and fully support the front healthcare workers. Let us be united against the current difficulty!