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ZOOMLION Goes Through the Hard Time Hands in Hands with Overseas Partners by Donating Another 700,000 Anti-epidemic Items to Over 40 Countries


Link our hearts together and fight shoulder to shoulder however far we are from each other. On March 31, ZOOMLION donated a third batch of nearly 700,000 items of medical treatment and protection materials to 43 countries and regions across the globe for the purpose of helping local people in preventing from and fighting against COVID-19 epidemic. The donations of this time will go to five continents: Asia, Africa, Europe, North America and Oceania, and the wide coverage and the large number of the countries and regions to be benefited fully demonstrate that ZOOMLION, as a global high-end equipment manufacturing enterprise, strives to take social responsibility.




△ Packaged Epidemic Prevention Materials from ZOOMLION are Ready for Immediate Shipment to Countries Overseas

By March 31, over 790,000 people in the world had been diagnosed with novel coronavirus pneumonia. In the face of the increasingly serious overseas epidemic, ZOOMLION is concerned about its agents, customers and partners in different part of the world at every moment in terms of epidemic prevention and self-protection. On knowing that they are short of anti-epidemic materials, ZOOMLION wasted no time in organizing emergency aid action in the hope of providing them with assistance and support in its power.


△ The Second Batch of Anti-epidemic Materials from ZOOMLION is Ready for Immediate Shipment to Germany

"The donations consist of nearly 700,000 items including disposable protective masks, KN95 surgical masks and forehead thermometers. Our branches, subsidiaries and agents overseas are collecting demand information at our request, so that different donations can be distributed and exploited to the extent as far as possible. Upon the arrival of the materials, our overseas colleagues and agents will throw themselves into material distribution to lend a helping hand to the locals in fighting against the epidemic," said the person from ZOOMLION in charge of donation issues.

Not long ago, ZOOMLION contributed epidemic prevention materials purchased overseas to medical staff at the forefront of China's battle against COVID-19 epidemic in support of the domestic anti-epidemic combat of Chinese people. In quick response to the action, all the parks and staff of ZOOMLION in different parts of the world have offered great help in China's carrying out donation of protective materials for epidemic prevention and work resumption.

The person from ZOOMLION in charge of donation issues said,"We were really touched by a Singaporean customer, who rushed to our assistance by asking his friends in other countries to buy us masks when he found no masks in the local market during our hard days not long ago. Now that other countries are suffering from the spread of the epidemic, ZOOMLION, as a world-known international enterprise, is engaging in emergency aid action both as part of its social responsibility and in return for the favors it owes to others.


△ On March 13, Italy Received Donations for Epidemic Containment from ZOOMLION

The aforementioned nearly 700,000 items in donations are the third batch of anti-epidemic materials flowing to overseas countries according to some relevant information. On March 13, ZOOMLION delivered two batches of medical treatment and protection materials in donations to Lombardia of Italy, and CIFA in Italy, M-tec and Wilbert in Germany and other overseas subsidiaries of ZOOMLION which are severely being afflicted in an urgent status.

ZOOMLION believes that we will overcome difficulties and win the “battle” against the global epidemic as long as we work together and offer timely help to each other as shown in the good wish words printed on the packages of the donations to different countries such as "Let's share clothes when you are cold", "Come on, Italy! Everything will be OK! (Forza Italia! Tutto andrà bene)", Stay Healthy", "Link our hearts together and fight shoulder to shoulder however far we are from each other."