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Sustainability for Prospect, Intelligence for Future ——Address at ZOOMLION Annual Conference 2019


Honorable leaders, distinguished guests and dear colleagues:

Good morning. We are so honored to have so many friends joining us at Zoomlion’s 2019 annual conference. Firstly, let’s welcome them with our warmest applause.

With China’s lunar New Year around the corner, may I extend, on behalf of Zoomlion, our heartiest greetings and highest respect to all leaders, all guests and all friends who give Zoomlion long-term concern and support, to all Zoomlion retired comrades, to Zoomlion people in China, in Italy CIFA, in Germany M-tec and Wilbert, in Belarus Subsidiary, in India Division, and to all our colleagues in Russia, in Holland, in USA, in Turkey, in Brazil... around the world.  

Year 2019 is the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. It is a crucial year for us as we endeavor to achieve the first Centenary Goal of building a moderately prosperous society in all respects. Guided by the general working tone of Seeking Progress in Stability, China's economy is running within a reasonable range, and the giant ship "CHINA" breaks through the waves and forges ahead. Zoomlion has made steady progress to achieve high-quality development, set a record high in various indicators, and maintained a high-spirited trend.

In the face of hard-won achievements, all Zoomlion people who have worked hard for a whole year feel joyful and exhilarated. Looking back on what Zoomlion has experienced over the past years, we fell off the peak, hovered in the trough, climbed on the cliff and then returned to the rising trend, which depicts a "Smiling Curve" of our own; we enjoy the hardship and happiness on the way of climbing and fighting against the adversity with spirits of perseverance, determination and no surrendering. At the same time, we have a deeper understanding of the importance of sustainability to an enterprise.

So the theme of our annual conference this year is: Sustainability for Prospect, Intelligence for Future. As we hold greater ambition, we’ve achieved sustained growth; as we expect greater future, we persist in sustainable development.

The sustainability we mentioned is that of high quality. Between scale and efficiency, speed and quality, we have made the right choice, reached the optimal balance, and walked out of our own rhythm.

The sustainability we mentioned is that of strong confidence. High-quality development depends on continuous internal practice. Our growth today comes more from the innovation of technology, the intelligence of production, the fineness of management, the healthy adjustment of the overall state of the enterprise, and the sustained growth of our business performance.

The sustainability we mentioned is that of strategic focus. To go steady is to go far. We maintain strategic focus and hold fast to our long-term goals. We don't care about temporary gains and losses or priorities. We keep our mission firmly in mind without distraction.

The sustainability we mentioned is that of sustained growth. Extensive growth is destined to be unsustainable, while slackness and confined to single domain are destined to be unsustainable. Today, our industrial plates are in full bloom while also formed an echelon through incubating, cultivating, expanding, and consolidating; our talents through mentoring activities have formed a relay; our technologies in application, reservation, and advanced research have formed iterations; we with our partners have formed interlinkage symbiosis in all aspects of strategy, capital, upstream and downstream business. All these will promote Zoomlion’s steady and healthy development in a strong uptrend.

When a new decade is coming in the 21st century, how will Zoomlion construct, drive and create the future? Our answer is extremely clear: Intelligence is the Future, Intelligence is for Future.

Intelligence is wisdom, is vision, and Vision Creates Future.

We are all dream chasers of the new era. To realize the dream in such new era, it is necessary to integrate the wisdom of the individual, of the enterprise and of the industries into intelligence of the times and of the country. Changing with the times, forging with the times, and to establish a great enterprise well matching the times it is Zoomlion’s dream, which is worth tens of millions of Zoomlion people and generations of Zoomlion people to contribute their wisdom.

Pool the wisdom for a better future, we are ready!

Intelligence is intellectualization, is concentration, and concentration drives the future.

The future of equipment manufacturing is destined to be the Future of Intelligence.

New technologies, new models and new forms of industry such as industrial internet revolution, big data, block chain and AI will open a new space of industrial intellectualization and reshape a new ecology of the industry; intelligent products, intelligent production lines, intelligent management and intelligent parks will fully integrate and interact with human wisdom to form a World of Intelligence;

Involved in a world of great change never previously existed over the past century, we have unlimited development potential while facing unprecedented uncertainty. Zoomlion will fully awake the potential of innovation, concentrate our attention on intelligence and make unremitting pursuit of Long Termism against the uncertainties, to achieve resonance with the times and to empower the Future of Intelligence.

Concentrating on Intelligence, to drive the future, we are ready!

Intelligence is state of mind, is level of view, broad views co-shape the future.

The "intelligent" future we are looking forward to is a shared future for the whole industrial chain and the ecological circle. The best way to meet this future is we create it together. The value orientation to co-create such future is to be open-minded and of mutual sharing so as to gather wisdom and link intelligence, to form an industrial ecosystem of complementary capabilities, benefit-sharing and risk-sharing. And this, is a broad minded state, and also a long term view.

With such mind and view, Zoomlion will explore the intelligent world as explorer; construct the intelligent world as a builder; and to shape the World of Intelligence in joint efforts as a collaborator.

Sharpen the mind for a shared future, we are ready!

All colleagues! We have made some achievements today, but it is nothing compared to the future we will create someday. It will be Zoomlion’s 30th Anniversary in 3 years, when we will see a wholly intellectualized Zoomlion, a wholly brand-new Zoomlion of thriving vitality. Meanwhile, accompanied along this way are opportunities and challenges, mission and responsibility. Let's work hand in hand, keep climbing, and create a more splendid and fruitful future!

Sustainability for Prospect, Intelligence for Future

Zoomlion is fully prepared!