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The Tower Crane with the Largest Tonnage Exported by China Enters Kuwait for Construction, ZOOMLION Sets a New Record Again Over the Seas


In the past few days, T2850-120V flat-top tower crane with the large tonnage from ZOOMLION has been delivered successfully to customers and entered the new airport of Kuwait for construction. As a tower crane with the large tonnage exported by China, this tower crane renewed a record, becoming a walking-type tower crane with the largest elevating capacity in the Gulf region.


T2850-120V Tower Crane of ZOOMLION Helps Construct the New Airport of Kuwait

According to the information, the customer who bought this large tonnage flat-top tower crane was Limak Construction Company of Turkey which is undertaking the construction of the new airport of Kuwait. As required by the project, Limak has ordered a total of 6 large tonnage flat-top tower cranes of this type, hence, the largest single trading volume of the tower cranes exported by China has been shattered too. At present, 3 tower cranes have been installed and put into the project construction.

As the data shows, Kuwait's new airport is one of major projects in this country, and its estimated construction period is 6 years. The capacity of the new airport is 13 million person-times, which will increase to 25 million person-times in the later period. The project will be of great help in making Kuwait an important regional center. The core area of the new airport terminal is a huge dome, made of steel structures and concrete PC components, so the construction is very challenging. The connection and hoisting of steel components used in this dome have made extremely high requirements for the lifting stability and fretting performance of the tower crane. The single concrete PC piece is heavy, so the tower crane is required to have a good fretting performance as well as a strong lifting capacity. Besides, as the central part of the terminal building, the heavy materials to be hoisted for constructing this dome will impose a heavy workload on the contractor, which also set a high requirement for the stability of tower cranes used by the contractor.

Ren Jie, from the Overseas Marketing Company for ZOOMLION Construction Crane , said that "after a detailed investigation, customers finally chose this large tonnage flat-top tower crane from ZOOMLION. This product is our star product, its arm is 85 meters in length, the elevating capacity of the arm end is 27 tons and the maximum lifting capacity is up to 120 tons, with great stability and high safety. Therefore, it fully meets the construction requirements of this project. On the project site with so many tower cranes standing, this type of flat-top tower crane is more suitable. And its cargo boom has good rigidity and accurate slewing positioning. "


The Tower Crane of ZOOMLION is Working on the New Airport Project of Kuwait

"Localization" is an important overseas developing strategy of ZOOMLION, which is reflected in every detail of our customer services. As is reported, based on Kuwait's local conditions, the walking foundation of this large tonnage flat-top tower crane is designed by ZOOMLION into a module type as required by customers, which can be decreased or increased freely according to the distance to be travelled. With the on-load walking function, the tower crane hoisting materials can move along the track, so its working range is much larger.

"This large tonnage flat-top tower crane has made the on-load walking come true, facilitating the on-site construction and track expansion, so massive construction costs and time have been saved," said the relevant responsible person from Limak Construction Company of Turkey. ”With engineers and spare parts stores of ZOOMLION on the site, all-weather service and support have freed us from worries. "


Group Photo of ZOOMLION Service Team and the Project Constructors

According to the information, tower cranes of ZOOMLION cover four series, that is, flat-top tower crane, hammer-head tower crane, boom tower crane, and construction elevator. After more than 60 years of innovation and development, ZOOMLION's tower cranes have been sold all over the world and the sales volume has become No.1 in the world. In 2019, the annual sales of ZOOMLION's tower cranes exceeded RMB 10 billion, which made ZOOMLION become the first company with annual sales of tower cranes exceeding RMB 10 billion in the world.

"Kuwait and Dubai are both important commercial and financial centers in the Middle East, as well as an important part of “Belt and Road". With this as a pivot, we will promote the localization of our products and services in the Middle East market to create greater values and make more contribution to a better life along with the local people, "said the relevant responsible person from ZOOMLION.