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Aerial Ladder Fire Fighting Vehicle YT32

ZOOMLION Aerial ladder is quite suitable for industrial and domestic medium and high buildings fire-extinction and rescue; it also can be used for municipal high-altitude operation and garden spraying operation.
0 1. More safety and efficiency
Aerial ladder could be used in the high and low altitude rescue.
The max load bearing capacity of the platform can reach to 450Kg.
The consoles at turntable, platform and rear of the truck could easily achieve the water pump start-stop, adjust rotation rate of the engine, and monitor the liquid level of water tank and pressure of waterways.
0 2. Powerful fire-extinction capacity
The pitch, rotation and spraying mode (fog-spout) of water nozzle are controlled by electronic, and the max distance of water spraying can reach to 80m at the standard pressure.
Water curtain device under the platform can protect the platform against to the heat and smoke from the fire.
Hard pipe connections between the pump and water monitor are stiffness structure, which means the minimum water transmission loss.
03.Excellent handling and safety
Platform anti-Collision protection system.When the left, right or front side of the platform gets close to the barriers, the system will alert automatically and stop the following approaching actions immediately.
Interlock system. The ladder can not be operated unless outriggers are expended and supported. Conversely the outriggers couldn't be operated when ladder is in operation status, to enhance safety.
Rotatable platform. Platform can rotate to the upside of ladder when driving, which wouldn't block the driver's sight.
Better driving vision and handling. Aerial ladder could easily assemble on various special chassis both of which has large space cab and great handling.

Brief CodePM250
Sino-Trunk ZZ5357TXFV464ME1
Engine power(kW)
Emission standard
Cab Seats 
2 speed(km/h)
Overall dimensions(mm)
GVM(kg) 31000
Water tank volume(L)5000
Water pump model RSD100
Max. flowing of fire pump(L/min@MPa)
Fire monitor modelAKRON3482
Max. flowing of fire monitor(L/min)
Max. spraying reach of fire monitor(m)≥70
Max working height(m)
Max. working outreach(m)18
Basket rated capability(kg) 450
Ladder operating time(s)≤100
Ladder sections
Construction Case Picture
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