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First Export of Brand New 4.0 Truck Crane Its Debut in Key Project of Saudi Arabia


Recently, Zoomlion 4.0 truck crane product was exported to overseas market for the first time--ZTC800V532 4.0 truck crane departed from Quantang Industrial Park for Saudi Arabia to participate in the construction of Saudi Arabia’s key municipal project --Riyadh Metro. The shipment unveiled a new start of Zoomlion's 4.0 product to embrace domestic and overseas markets, as well as kick-started the official journey of Zoomlion 4.0 crane into overseas market.


△Zoomlion 4.0 Truck Crane ZTC800V532 is Shipping to Saudi Arabia

Riyadh Metro, with total investment of 22.5 billion US dollars, is an important part to the modernization of Saudi Arabia's public transportation. According to Saudi Arabian media, the metro project will effectively promote economic growth, bringing citizens of Riyadh fast and convenient urban rail traffic experience.

Saudi Arabia is one of the countries located along the “Belt and Road”, and is also a key region in Zoomlion’s strategy. Since the year of 2013, Zoomlion has been fully implementing its channel policies and facilitated the rapid growth of its partners. Market shares of construction crane products have grown up to 60%, with brand influence improving steadily, taking the lead in Saudi Arabian market.

It is reported that this was the fifth ZTC800V532 order placed by Saudi Arabian customer to Zoomlion. The customer's representative said, “Zoomlion's crane product shows excellent and stable performance in Saudi Arabian market, helping us with the construction in several major projects.”

ZTC800V532 truck crane is 4.0 series product developed by Zoomlion for overseas market, intensively embodied latest achievements of Zoomlion in intelligent manufacturing, and is a handy construction machine developed by Zoomlion for users.


△ZTC800V532 is Known for Efficiency, Energy Conservation, Precision, and Intelligence

The product has been drastically upgraded in performance and energy conservation. For a truck crane, boom structure is an important component. The product is equipped with a 47m U-shaped main boom for robust performance. Its hoisting ability is higher than competitor product of the same tonnage by over 5%. In terms of energy conservation, the crane uses an intelligent energy-saving system that operates at multiple power modes, with average fuel consumption at 4.5L/h and fuel consumption reduced by 20%.

Meanwhile, design of the product is fully optimized according to customer's operating precision requirement--the innovative hydraulic system ensures precise and stable operation, with minimum stable rotation speed of 0.1°/s and minimum stable lifting speed of 2.5m/min, to meet precise hoisting operation requirement. In respect to intelligence and humanization, the product is equipped with comprehensive vehicle information platform to realize all-around monitoring of equipment operation. The brand new personalized two-room design and the full-view boom hoist cab bring convenient and safe operating experience.

Relevant person in charge of Zoomlion said that, in Saudi Arabia, Zoomlion had established good pre-sales and after-sales service network, as well as complete logistics and financing measures. It is believed that, with excellent product performance and professional service support, the brand new 4.0 truck crane is surely to become a resplendent commodity in Saudi Arabian market.