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Zoomlion Delivered nearly 100 Harvesters to Bangladesh


Recently, with the concerted efforts of production, marketing, logistics and other departments of Zoomlion Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd., nearly 100 grain combine harvesters have been shipped on time after being loaded in Zoomlion Wuhu Industry Park, and were once again exported in bulk to Bangladesh.


Zoomlion’s harvesters is shipped in bulk to Bangladesh

微信图片_202303310842391.jpg  Organizing shipment overnight

        It is understood that as the rice harvest season in Bangladesh approaches, local farmers have begun to make adequate preparations for the busy farming season. Zoomlion Speedstergrain combine harvesters shipped to Bangladesh have the advantages of fast operation speed, clean threshing, etc. Moreover, they can also be used to harvest various crops, such as rice, wheat, corn, , etc. by replacing different attachments. All of them have been booked in advance by local customers. Upon arrival in Bangladesh, they will be directly put into agricultural production, providing reliable equipment support for increasing rice production and income, helping to improve the level of agricultural mechanization in Bangladesh.

As the world’s fourth largest rice producing country, Bangladesh has over 50% of the labor forces engaged in rice planting, with the planting area accounting for approximately 78% of the arable land area. Since 2020, Bangladesh has been focusing on promoting rice production increase and ensuring food security, and has introduced the policies to accelerate the agricultural mechanization, which increased the demand for advanced agricultural machinery. With “focusing on localization and improving power of product” as the starting point, according to Bangladesh’s agriculture characteristics and customer needs, Zoomlion tailored a variety of agricultural machinery for Bangladesh, which were sold well with continuous rising market share in the local market, and established Zoomlion’s solid brand reputation.

Mr. Hossain, a local professional harvester driver, purchased two Zoomlion harvesters last year, and has been using them for over 450 hours. Due to its advantages of fewer failures and high harvesting efficiency, the customer raved about Zoomlion agricultural machinery, and said that he have booked a new Zoomlion Speedster grain combine harvester using the profits earned from harvesting services, and planned to put it into use in the upcoming rice harvest season.



  Farmers in Bangladesh are using Zoomlion harvesters

        As the world’s leading equipment manufacturing enterprise, Zoomlion has actively responded to “the Belt and Road” initiative, and has achieved fruitful results in high-quality joint construction of “the Belt and Road” with practical actions. Zoomlion’s tractor, harvester, sugarcane harvester and other agricultural machinery were exported to Bangladesh, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Kazakhstan and other countries along “the Belt and Road”. While continuously exporting advanced and applicable agricultural machinery products and technologies, Zoomlion contributes China’s strength to global agricultural development and food security.