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The Most Beautiful Builders Racing against Time: We Fight Side by Side with ZOOMLION in Wuhan!


January 30 or the sixth day after the Spring Festival was the seventh day of Wuhan Huoshenshan construction and also the seventh day of ZOOMLION’s assistance team fighting in Wuhan. The “most beautiful construction” team composed of clients and service engineers of ZOOMLION gave up their opportunity of reunion with their families in hometowns. Seizing every minute and fighting on the front, they swore to exist with Wuhan and keep fighting in the war without smoke of gunpowder to the end!

Today, let’s hear their stories.

“From the Eve of the Spring Festival to the present, with box meals and sleep aboard, standing by 24 hours a day, we are ready to start operation at the site at any time according to the on-site command...,” said Ao Wenwei in an interview with the reporter of Changsha Evening News. Meanwhile, he was operating a ZOOMLION truck crane to hoist the equipment just delivered at the construction site of Leishenshan Hospital, while his second elder brother, Ao Wenlong, was working at the Huoshenshan Hospital construction site with his team and seven ZOOMLION truck cranes.


Ao Wenwei is a partner of ZOOMLION and head of Wuhan Wenwei Hoisting Co., Ltd. On January 23, Wuhan decided to build Huoshenshan and Lei Shenshan Hospitals. That night, ZOOMLION quickly gathered more than 30 sets of equipment nearby through the IoT platform and actively contacted its clients to form an assistance team for the construction.

The relevant responsible person of ZOOMLION said that though the second day was the Eve of Spring Festival, everyone who received the calls enthusiastically applied for joinning the team. Finally, according to the requirements of the Constructor, more than 30 concrete pump trucks, cranes, excavators, bulldozers, and other equipment were organized and dispatched to the site. As one of the partners, Wenwei Hoisting, where Ao Wenwei worked, had 14 ZOOMLION truck cranes for hoisting container materials among others, as indispensable construction equipment for such large construction sites.


The day was the Eve of Spring Festival, when the operators of truck cranes were usually on holiday. Meanwhile, due to the strict travel control measures in all regions for preventing and controlling the epidemic, it was difficult to quickly gather the staff. What could it be done without operators? Ao Wenwei immediately thought of convening his two brothers, namely the three leaders of Wenwei Hoisting, for the battle of construction. They also organized several relatives and friends to form a team and drove seven ZOOMLION cranes to the site of Huoshenshan Hospital, regardless of the reunion with their families on the Eve.

“From the Eve of Spring Festival when the equipment was driven to the site, we have stayed aboard with meals and sleep away from our families, but they supported us very much.” Ao Wenwei also said that it was very proud to contribute to fighting the epidemic in Wuhan together with ZOOMLION.

To meet the schedule, now more than 4,700 people on the Huoshenshan site are engaged in a hospital construction battle by shift day and night. “Following Zoomline's bulldozers and excavators engaged in earthwork are the concrete pump trucks at the site with our truck cranes standing by…” Ao Wenwei told the reporter that since the entire construction was non-stop on 24-hour basis, they brought with them an Iveco vehicle, which became an “auto home” with quilts. With this “auto home”, his team members have been staying at the construction site since the Eve.

So far, Ao Wenwei and his team members have completed the work of hoisting container materials, board rooms, and so on. “Complaining about nothing, with rough meals and sleep on Iveco, we hope to make our own contribution and quicken the construction.”

On the 25th, Hubei announced the information on construction of Leishenshan Hospital. After receiving the news, ZOOMLION held another coordination meeting overnight, made emergency dispatching of earthwork machinery, concrete machinery, engineering cranes, and other equipment, and once again rushed to the front for assistance. Ao Wenwei with equipment also transferred to the site of Leishenshan Hospital, leaving his second brother, Ao Wenlong, and seven ZOOMLION truck cranes at the construction site of Huoshenshan Hospital.

According to the plan, Huoshenshan and Leishenshan Hospitals will be completed in early February, which are planned to provide 2,000-2,300 beds for patients.


“Today is the sixth day after the Spring Festival and also the seventh day of our construction here. We are very proud for contributing to the construction of such two hospitals,” said Ao Wenwei. The relevant responsible person of ZOOMLION said that when the country and the people are in distress, ZOOMLION always responds constantly. To this sudden epidemic, it has paid close attention. “As our mission, we will fully participate in and support the construction of the emergency projects.”

According to the latest news, to speed up the construction of Huoshenshan and Leishenshan Hospitals, ZOOMLION has gathered another eight operators, who have arrived in Wuhan.

We believe that it is the tens of millions of the most beautiful builders like Ao Wenwei, fighting on their own to support Wuhan on the front, who have increased our confidence and hope!

With pooled efforts against the present difficulty, all workers fighting at the front deserve our respect!

(This Article is partially quoted from the report of Changsha Evening News on January 29, titled “Changsha Engineering Equipment Fights at Huoshenshan and Leishenshan Sites” by Zhou Bin)