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Assisting in the "Belt and Road" Construction, Zoomlion's Concrete Facilities Have Deeply Participated in Construction of BYMA Project, a Landmark of Myanmar


A few days ago, the stable performance of Zoomlion’s several concrete facilities in BYMA Project, a landmark of Myanmar was fully recognized by the client.

BYMA Project, a landmark of Rangoon, Myanmar started in February 2019 with a construction period of 3 years. The Project, located next to Aung San Suu Kyi Market, the Largest Jade Trading Market in Rangoon, Myanmar, has an average height of building of 103m. It has attracted tremendous attention in the locality for being the first integrated project covering hotels and office buildings and shopping malls as well as the first high-rise building among building clusters in Myanmar.


Bouygues, Contractor of BYMA Project, is one of top 20 engineering contractors in the world with its Headquarters located in France. It has a complicated procurement system and extremely strict requirements for quality process inspection during the procurement. Relying on its excellent product performance and perfect product services, Zoomlion finally won the bid for 5 units of 33R-4Z concrete distribution spreaders and 5 units of HBT100.18.186RSU trailer pumps. It was the first time for Myanmar to 8purchase the largest trailer pumps of type100 as well as the first time for Myanmar to purchase the climbing hydraulic concrete distribution spreaders.

The responsible person of the construction unit said, “Zoomlion’s facilities are operating stable, its technicians have provided us with effective technical support, and its service groups also have provided us with the timely and thoughtful services”. Relying on the smooth development of the Project, and based on the stable performanche pumping facilities, timely services and the attitude of proactively cooperating with the Project Unit in resolving difficult problems, Zoomlion won the affirmation from Bouygues Project Unit in Myanmar.

It is understood that Zoomlion set up the first overseas repair center for all series of products in Rangoon, Myanmar in July 2016. The repair center provides sale of the various facilities including engineering cranes, concrete machinery, construction cranes, foundation construction facilities, supply and repair services of spare parts covering all major models of Zoomlion in Myanmar. By virtue of its outstanding product performance and perfect supply system for services and accessories, in recent years, Zoomlion has achieved stable increase in product sales volume year by year and better market share.

In recent years, Myanmar had made rapid economic development, creating more opportunities. As sustained efforts are made in the construction of the “Belt and Road Initiative”, Zoomlion has continuously promoted the self-management mode of the local company with the ‘Going-out’ and ‘Going-in’ thinking and expanded the local markets. With the continuous improvement in the brand reputation and awareness and strengthening market competitiveness, Zoomlion’s facilities and equipment are winning the recognition and attention from growing number of local clients. Zoomlion will seize the opportunities to assist in the development and construction of more countries under the “Belt and Road Initiative”.