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Zoomlion Crawler Crane (ZCC3200NP) Helps Successfully Install the Dome of the Second HPR1000


On March 21, am 9:21, Zoomlion 3200t crawler crane (ZCC3200NP) successfully helped lift the dome for the No.6 unit of Fuqing Nuclear Power Plant in Fujian Province, a demonstration project for the independently-developed and third-generation nuclear power component HPR1000 (Hua-long Pressurized Reactor) in China. It demonstrated another typical operation after the lifting of the dome for the No.5 unit of HPR1000 in May 2017.

新闻1.jpgZoomlion 3200t crawler crane successfully lifted the dome for No.6 unit of HPR1000

The dome is an essential barrier for the safety of a nuclear power station. With a 46.8 meter diameter, it is a hemisphere that weighs about 342t and has an area as large as about two basketball courts. Being installed on the 13th section of the steel-lined container in the reactor building, it acts as an important part to assure the completeness and tightness of the reactor building. The dome lifting is a vital milestone node in the construction of HPR1000 Nuclear Power Project, indicating that the all parts of the unit are fully ready for installation.

In Fuqing, the weather changes greatly in spring. In order to ensure successful and safe lifting of the dome, the lifting operation was carried out in full swing at am 6:30 of the current day. The 3200t crawler crane slowly lifted the dome from the ground, and steadily enabled it to land on the safety shell of the reactor building after many actions, including arm-changing, rising, horizontal moving, and adjustment. All people were attentive and focused on the two gigantic objects, erupting thunderous applause at the moment when the dome was successfully lifted in place.

新闻2.jpgThe dome was lifted in place on the safety shell of the reactor building perfectly and steadily

“The dome has large size and heavy weight. It weights more than 500t in total, including the assorted sling. However, the difference between the highest point and the lowest point from the ground must be less than 200mm in the lifting, which makes it much harder than lifting a traditional reactor. Moreover, the site is close to the bay. Therefore, the lifting is even harder due to abrupt change of the wind force and other uncontrollable factors.” said Li Zibin, the operator responsible for the lifting when being asked about the challenges of the lifting. “

“I have faith in Zoolion 3200t crawler crane. With excellent lifting performance and easy and intelligent operation, it enables me to finish the task accurately and smoothly.”

Zoomlion 3200t crawler crane has developed into an inevitable “best partner” for the construction of nuclear power projects in China. So far, it serves as one of the super-tonnage portable cranes designed with the most outstanding lifting performance and state-of-the-art technologies in the world. With a maximum lifting load of 3200t, it is the only China-made crane used for the lifting operation of nuclear power projects. It has ever been used for the lifting operation of Tianwan Nuclear Power Plant in Jiangsu Province and Shidaowan Nuclear Power Plant in Shandong Province. It is the only large crawler crane serving in the lifting operation for the second-, third- and fourth-generation nuclear power project across the world.

新闻3.jpgThe enormous but flexible and intelligent Zoomlion 3200t crawler crane

This “gigantic beast” is highly flexible and intelligent, capable of enabling the “lifting error less than 2mm”. “Hundreds of embedded sensors are installed on the crane body, capable of sensing the pressure, load, speed and other parameters in real time and conducting self-adjustment, self-diagnosis and self-adaptability.”, according to an R&D engineer from Zoomlion.

As the “best partner” for nuclear power construction, this crawler crane is granted with 35 patents, including 11 for intelligent control and software copyright, 19 for structural member, and 17 for invention. The Power Unit and its Control Method was awarded with the golden prize of 2012 National Invention Patent. The core technology related to Zoomlion 3200t crawler crane series has vigorously promoted the technology development of the industry while cracking the bottleneck in the design of China-made heavy crawler crane, promising a safe energy construction in China.

The HPR1000 is the independently-developed and third-generation nuclear power technology in China, reflecting the wisdom and efforts of Chinese nuclear power players. Its safety indicator and technical performance reach the advanced level of the worldwide third-generation nuclear power technology. As a representative brand included in the “Going out” Program for Chinese Nuclear Power Technology, more than ten countries, including UK, Pakistan and Czech, have imported or intend to import this technology. Zoomlion will make further contribution to the “Going out” Program and the “Road and Belt” Initiative together with the HPR1000 in future.