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Continue to Help the " Belt and Road" Construction ZOOMLION Delivers a Batch of Intelligent Concrete Pumps to Pakistan


A few days ago, five Zoomlion HBT60.16.110SU concrete pumps were launched from Changsha Lugu Industrial Park and will be delivered to the Pakistani customers under the "Belt and Road Initiative". It is understood that this is the first batch of the 13 concrete pumps that customers ordered. Zoomlion's intelligent pumping equipment has been recognized and favored by more and more overseas customers with its unique and innovative technology.

Pakistani customers have purchased a total of 13 Zoomlion intelligent concrete pumps, and the follow-up products will be fully delivered by the end of November to help local infrastructure construction. In recent years, Zoomlion's 4.0 concrete pump technology has been continuously innovated and improved. It is developing towards intelligent, ultra-high pressure, large displacement and low cost, leading the development trend of the industry. Zoomlion's product manager explained that the HBT60.16.110SU pump delivered to the customer uses the "Intelligent Control + Internet of Things" technology, equipped with intelligent control system and flexible commutation technology for monitoring the pumping status and automatically adjusting the mechanism. And such design realizes smooth and non-impact transportation of concrete and improves pumping efficiency.

Zoomlion stepped into the Pakistan market in 2006 for the first time. After 13 years of development, Zoomlion has sold more than 1,000 sets of equipment in the Pakistan market. At present, Zoomlion’s locally-registered subsidiary in Partisan has developed into a fully localized operating platform with functions of import and export, customs clearance logistics, spare parts supply, customer training, sales and service support and financial services. It has set up offices in Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore and other major cities.


Zoomlion's Equipment Helps Build Pakistan K2/K3 Nuclear Power Plant

Following "the Belt and Road Initiative", Zoomlion actively participated in the construction of the “China-Pakistan Economic Corridor” and successively undertook several major projects such as the M5 Expressway Project, the K2/K3 Nuclear Power Plant Project, and the QASIM Coal-fired Power Plant Project. The company becomes a new force in infrastructure construction during the process of Pakistan’s urbanization and industrialization. With the deepening of the construction of the "Belt and Road" and the "China-Pakistan Economic Corridor", more and more Zoomlion equipment will be applied in Pakistan construction, and Zoomlion will fully explore the local market and continue to "go in", to provide better products and more efficient services to help the "China-Pakistan Economic Corridor" and the "Belt and Road" construction.