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Zoomlion Signs Strategic Cooperation Agreements with Famous Laos-based and Vietnam-based Enterprises Join Hands to Build the Belt and Road


During November 25 and December 1, Zhan Chunxin, Chairman of Zoomlion, visited Laos and Vietnam with a CPC Hunan delegation. And as an entrepreneur representative, he delivered a speech at the China (Hunan)-Vietnam Economic and Trade Cooperation and Exchange Conference and Project Signing Ceremony. During the visit, Zoomlion successively signed strategic cooperation agreements with Laos-based Krittaphong Group and Vietnam Minjiang Yuede Co., Ltd., marking a new stage of Zoomlion's development in Southeast Asia.

China and Laos are good neighbors, friends, comrades and partners. Hunan and Laos have maintained close cooperation, and the cooperation between enterprises of them has become increasingly close. During Zhan’s stay in Laos, Zoomlion reached consensus on strategic cooperation with representatives of Laos-based enterprises on infrastructure, satellite communications, mining and hotel tourism. Under the witness of Du Jiahao, Secretary of the CPC Hunan Provincial Committee and Director of the Standing Committee of Hunan Provincial People's Congress, and the CPC delegation led by him, the Minister of Industry and Trade of Laos Khemmani Pholsena and representatives of entrepreneurs, the strategic cooperation agreement was signed with Krittaphong Group 

After achieving fruitful results in Laos, Zoomlion reached strategic cooperation with Vietnam  Minjiang Yuede Co., Ltd. at the China(Hunan)-Vietnam Economic and Trade Cooperation Exchange Conference and Project Signing Ceremony held on November 30. Zhan, as the representative of entrepreneurs, made a speech at the ceremony.

小s.jpg ▲ Zoomlion signs strategic cooperation agreement with Vietnam  Minjiang Yuede Co., Ltd.

As Zhan expressed, China and Vietnam are linked by mountains and rivers and enjoy profound traditional friendship. Since the establishment of diplomatic ties 68 years ago, bilateral cooperation in various fields has been deepened, bringing tangible benefits to people of the two countries. In particular, since President Xi Jinping's Belt and Road Initiative was put forward, the connectivity of facilities, financial facilities and people between the two countries has been accelerated. The mutually beneficial and win-win cooperative relations have become more stable and enjoyed better prospects. 

According to Zhan, Zoomlion set up a subsidiary company in Vietnam as early as in 2006 to provide all-around construction equipment solutions for Vietnam. The total sales of equipment exceeded USD200 million, covering more than 130 customers, among which, Zoomlion has established long-term cooperative partnership with 15 major professional customers. Since its development, the concrete equipment and engineering lifting equipment of Zoomlion have grabbed the largest and second largest market shares in Vietnam respectively. Besides it participated in the construction of many benchmark projects such as the Formosa Ha Tinh Steel Cooperation and the Hanoi Light Rail. 

It is learned that Zoomlion has always been insisting on localized operation in Vietnam, having set up a regional central warehouse of spare parts to provide financing services for local customers. The proportion of local employees in its Vietnamese subsidiary is as high as 60%. Zoomlion's agents in Vietnam have also created hundreds of local jobs. It is said that Zoomlion will also provide Vietnam with solutions for sanitation and agricultural machinery products and services for environmental protection and agricultural modernization. 

During his stay in Vietnam, Zhan also held talks with all agents and strategic cooperation customers in Vietnam, hoping to establish comprehensive strategic partnership with all sides under the cooperation framework of the Belt and Road, carry out in-depth cooperation in the whole industrial chain of equipment manufacturing industry, and form a good development situation of complementary advantages and resource sharing. 

That visit was fruitful. Zoomlion expressed that cooperation with well-known local enterprises will greatly enhance the international status and market share of related products and services of both sides and provide better products and services for the local market. Zoomlion will work with all sides to jointly build the Belt and Road and create a better life with the local people.