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ZOOMLION Participates in Building the World's Tallest PPVC Residential Project Customized Tower Crane Gets Popular in Singapore's High-End Market


Though still in the construction stage, the Avenue South Residence in Singapore is soon to be the tallest PPVC residential building in the world. As one of the providers for the project, ZOOMLION provides key customized tower cranes to ensure the smooth PPVC construction process, demonstrating ZOOMLION’s capability in technological innovation.


 △ZOOMLION’s T1200-64W Tower Crane at the Construction Site of Avenue South Residence in Singapore 

Singapore is the industry leader in building houses with prefabricated components. Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction (PPVC) is a construction method whereby free-standing modules are completed with internal (including the floor, wall, ceiling, etc.) finishes, fixtures and fittings in an off-site fabrication facility, and then transported to the construction site to be assembled into a building. This is a revolutionary technology in the construction industry, allowing building construction to be more refined and as easy as "making a car". The Avenue South Residence project is a flagship PPVC construction. It has 56 floors and is over 200 meters high. After completion, it will become the world's tallest PPVC residential building. 

New construction methods call for new construction equipment with new requirements. Yao Jianjun, a service engineer from ZOOMLION’s Aceh office[L1]  tells us: “Since Singapore introduced the PPVC construction method since 2017, all prefabs exceed 30 tons in weight, and some are as heavy as 40 tons, leading to drastic changes in the requirements for tower cranes, mainly focusing on crane lifting performance and safety, and flat-top tower cranes with a lifting torque of 1,000 ton meters and above are used more and more." 

In order to meet the new lifting requirements of PPVC constructions, ZOOMLION has worked closely with the Tiong Woon Corporation Holding ltd, its long-term partner in Singapore to jointly analyze market prospects and collect relevant technical data to jointly develop tower cranes that meet local market needs.

Immediately afterwards, the 4.0 series T1200-64W tower crane was launched. It was developed by ZOOMLION for its overseas markets, and gained the German Rheinland certification and Singapore export certification at the end of 2018 and early 2019. The T1200-64W tower crane has a maximum lifting capacity of 64 tons and a maximum lifting torque of 13,924 kN·m. It has excellent lifting performance, impressive line speed and derricking speed, efficient and stable operation, and accurate positioning capacity; the product adopts the standard 3-meter integral mast section, which not only meets Singapore's inland transportation requirements, but also greatly improves on-site installation efficiency. In addition, this type of tower crane is also equipped with smart safety protection technology to ensure safe operation. 

Thanks to its excellent hoisting performance, the T1200-64W tower crane soon became popular. Words of praise such as "strong lifting performance" and "precise hoisting" etc. were received regularly. Since this model entered the Singapore market for the first time in early 2019, dozens of tower cranes have participated in the hoisting operations of multiple super high-rise PPVC buildings including Avenue South Residence. 


 △ZOOMLION T1200-64W Tower Crane Assists in the Construction of Singapore's PPVC Buildings 

The person in charge of ZOOMLION’s Aceh office tells us: “As Singapore’s PPVC technology matures, PPVC will be vigorously promoted in most of the HDB projects and other related projects by the Housing and Development Bureau in the future. Due to its significant advantages in performance and quality, the T1200-64W large flat-top tower crane will usher in a broad market prospect."