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First Show of Zoomlion’s CIFA C Series Trailer Pump in South America Participating in the Construction of Columbia's Future First Skyscraper


Recently, in Bogota, the capital of Colombia, Columbia’s tallest skyscraper in the future, ATRIO Twin Towers, is under construction in full swing. On March 20, the concrete pumping with a vertical height of approximately 135m was completed. The pumping equipment used in the tallest skyscraper project is the concrete trailer pump from China’s equipment manufacturing company Zoomlion.

“We have now completed 135m-high pumping. In the future, we will also pump concrete to a height of 268m to challenge pumping to Columbia’s tallest building,” said Zoomlion’s service engineer at the site.


The ATRIO Twin Towers is the tallest building under construction in Colombia in South America, with an area of about 250,000 square meters, and it integrates office, public service, retail space and other functions. The North Tower, one of the twin towers, has a height of 200m and a total of 44 floors. The taller South Tower is 268m high with a total of 59 floors.

Cemex, the world’s largest commercial concrete company, is the supplier of concrete for the construction of this project. It is very cautious when choosing large-amount concrete pumping equipment manufacturer for high-rise construction. According to the relevant person in charge of Cemex, “The high-floor construction is a test of the performance and efficiency of the equipment. After many rounds of rigorous selection and comparison, the CIFA PP1116DC trailer pump manufactured by Zoomlion in Changsha was selected as the project’s main pumping equipment.”


After it was sent to the construction site in Bogota, PP1116DC was soon put into the project work. It first pumped concrete of 142 cubic meters, and only 8MPA pumping pressure was required to complete pumping of such height efficiently. The operators involved in the construction praised and said, “The work we originally planned to do for one day was completed in half a day with the Chinese-made CIFA pump. The pumping efficiency of the equipment was twice that of other brands used by the project. We can call it a day ahead of time.”

As the C Series classic product of Zoomlion CIFA, the PP1116DC trailer pump is a high-performance product with an outlet pressure of 26MPa, excellent performance, and high reliability. It is suitable for prolonged high-strength concrete pumping tasks and fully satisfies the construction requirements of high-rise buildings above 300m requiring the use of high-strength concrete.

In addition to the superior performance of the product, Zoomlion’s high-efficiency services have made the customers more emotionally moved.


Since the arrival of the product in Colombia, Zoomlion’s senior service managers and service engineers from the Mexico Region were dispatched to the project construction site at top speed to guide the CIFA exclusive agent in Colombia G&E and Cemex's operators and equipment maintenance personnel to use the equipment and help them complete the equipment acceptance, technical training and other links. This made Cemex, known for its strictness, praise the service of Zoomlion: “Zoomlion's service personnel have a wealth of technical knowledge and help the operators do their best in every link and every detail.”

Currently, Colombia is carrying out infrastructure construction worthy hundreds of billions of dollars and has attracted many Chinese companies to participate in the construction. The relevant person in charge of Zoomlion said: “The South American region has a good market potential. In the future, we will participate in more local infrastructure projects with better products and services.”