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Presence of 8 New Products of ZOOMLION on China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition 2019, Leading Chinese Agricultural Machinery into AI Age


The China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition 2019 was grandly opened in Qingdao on October 30. With “mechanization & agricultural and rural modernization” as theme, this Exhibition attracted the presence of more than 2,100 domestic and foreign enterprises. ZOOMLION, as the equipment manufacturing leader, attended this Exhibition, released its 8 high-end new products including AI agricultural machine, whole series of power-assisted shifting/ steering tractors, smart environment-friendly drying machine, large sugarcane harvester, and binding equipment, and showed its outstanding technical innovation capacity to 120,000 domestic and foreign professional audiences. ZOOMLION leaded this industry into the manufacturing of agricultural machinery with AI technology, and guided the Chinese agricultural machinery into the AI age.


▲ Site of ZOOMLION’s new product  release conference

When entering the S1 hall of Qingdao Cosmopolitan Exposition, we saw the aurora-green exhibition area of ZOOMLION immediately. Two fluorescent “AI” boards stood respectively on the left and right of the exhibition area, and reflected the theme of this new product release conference. The further upgrading of ZOOMLION agricultural machinery was witnessed by about 200 people including but not limited to Luo Xiwen, an academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Liu Xu, the secretary of the Agricultural Machinery Test & Appraisal Station and Agricultural Machinery Technology Development & Promotion Station of the Ministry of Agriculture, Chen Zhi, the chairman of China Association of Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers, Liu Xian, the chairman of China Agricultural Mechanization Association, Chen Tao, the chairman of China Agricultural Machinery Distribution Association, Liu Jie, the director of Vocational and Adult Education Division of the Ministry of Education, Guo Lijun, a municipal committee member and a deputy mayor of Wuhu City, Xiong Yanming, the vice president of ZOOMLION and the CEO of ZOOMLION Heavy Machinery Company, leaders of rural and agricultural systems of 13 cities of China, government leaders of Wuhu City and Sanshan City, domestic and foreign strategic partners, distributors, suppliers and users’ representatives.

Pan Zhenyang, the vice president of  ZOOMLION Heavy Machinery Company said in this speech that since the date of establishment, ZOOMLION has adhered to the concept of “undertake the national responsibilities, and lead the technical advancement of this industry“. In the sector of agricultural machinery, ZOOMLION has always actively responded to and implemented the  national calls, followed the market development demands, aimed at the high-end market, and continued the innovative development. In 2018, ZOOMLION cooperated with Landing.AI, a world-advanced AI company to start the agricultural machinery transformation and upgrading strategy. The products released herein are the new products manufactured by the integration of latest AI technologies of ZOOMLION and the combination of new development concepts.

On the release conference, 8 new products of ZOOMLION were released, including TE90 and PL70 AI harvesters, 3WP-600HA AI plant protector, PL2304, PG2004, PS1604 and PH1204 power-assisted shifting/ steering tractors, and AC90 large sugarcane harvester. Pan Zhengyang said that those products explained the “user’s demand first“ research concept of  ZOOMLION, reflected the “technological industrialization“ development concept, manifested the “zero defect, efficiency and high cost effectiveness“ upgrading concept, and represented the “one purchase accompanied with lifetime upgrade” service concept.


Wang Baoguo, an engineer of high-level agricultural equipment institute of ZOOMLION Heavy Machinery Company introduced to the public the released AI agricultural machinery. TE90 and PL70 AI wheat harvesters are equipped with camera, AI processor, AI controller, sensor and other intelligent elements to detect the lodging, density, moisture, type and other characteristics of plant at real time, make the intelligent identification and judgment according to the information collected at real time, and make the intelligent adjustment on this basis during operation, such as automatic control of header, threshing cylinder speed and vehicle operating speed. Moreover, the machine will become more smart and intelligent with the increasing of massive data and future data.


▲ZOOMLION AI wheat harvester

Another AI agricultural machine is the 3WP-600HA plant protector whose spray rod is equipped with more than visual camera; those cameras can detect the grass among and diseases and insects of field crops, and transmit the detected information to AI controller at real time, and the AI processor calculates and establishes the optimal dosing solution, and controls the opening or closing of electronic-control nozzles at real time, so as to achieve the optimal the spraying effect, maximize the use of pesticide, and reduce the pesticide waste and environmental pollution.

The manufacture of domestic high-level agricultural machine is the responsibility and mission of ZOOMLION. On this Exhibition, ZOOMLION released many new high-level tractors, sugarcane harvester and binding equipment. After the successful development of domestic high-level and high-horsepower tractors PL2304 and PL2306, ZOOMLION released the high-level tractors with power-assisted shifting/ steering technology, and applied this technology on all the 120-230hp tractors to guarantee the more accurate, efficient and convenient farming. As the whole-course sugarcane mechanization solution supplier, ZOOMLION has the most complete sugarcane harvester production line in China. The new AC90 large sugarcane harvester released herein filled the blank of such domestic product, and was also highly appraised by the audiences attending this Exhibition owing to its high efficiency, convenient operation, reliable quality, high cost effectiveness and other advantages. Additionally, 9YY-2200 binding equipment released by ZOOMLION also attracted the extensive attention.


▲ZOOMLION power-assisted shifting tractor


▲ New AC90 large sugarcane harvester released by ZOOMLION

Another important equipment on this Exhibition is the intelligent drying machine manufactured by ZOOMLION. The grain drying and processing enterprises have the stricter requirements on the drying exhaust emission, drying room air cleanness and drying room noise standards. ZOOMLION has always made active response the national environmental protection policies, and developed the smart environment-friendly drying machine through automatic control, software, communication, database, expert system and other technologies to ensure that the dust and noise emission of drying equipment during operation meets the national environmental protection standards.

A series of new high-level smart and environment-friendly products were highly appraised. One professional audience said: “I’m deeply shocked when seeing the AI agricultural machineries of ZOOMLION which, as combination of smartness and intelligence, improve the operating efficiency, reduce the work intensity of farmers, increase the economical benefits, and have a high social significance.

The technical innovation of product has a close relation with the long-term planning of ZOOMLION. It is known that in 2018, ZOOMLION cooperated with Landing.AI, a world-famous company in the sector of AI, and became the first AI-equipped machinery manufacturer of China. Since the cooperation, ZOOMLION has released the AI-equipped wheel-type harvester, crawler-type harvester, plant protector and other products, and established a super-large agricultural dataset DeepHarvest in China. Additionally, ZOOMLION will be dedicated to the deep application of AI technology on agricultural equipment to ensure the more accurate, efficiency and convenient agricultural production.

Xiong Yanming, the vice president of ZOOMLION and the CEO of ZOOMLION Heavy Machinery Company, said that under the call of the national rural revitalization strategy, ZOOMLION would increase the input in the agricultural machineries continuously, make efforts in the aspect of “overcoming of key technical difficulties, and improvement of traditional industry quality”, make up the shortcoming and weakness according to market demands and agricultural production, and constantly develop the efficient, applicable and intelligent agricultural machineries to build the core competence of product and boost the agricultural modernization development in China.