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Zoomlion’s New Painted Tower Crane L500 Helps Build Kuala Lumpur Signature Tower, A Landmark in Malaysia


In March 2016, the construction of Kuala Lumpur Signature Tower with a building height of 423 meters formally began in the capital of Malaysia. In mid-May, two new painted L500 internal climbing tower cranes of Zoomlion, an equipment manufacturing giant in China, entered the construction site to help build the Kuala Lumpur Signature Tower. This is the debut of L500 on an overseas construction site. Dressed in Aurora Green, Gravel Grey, Cosmic Cobalt Gray, L500 looks particularly dazzling.                                  



Debut of L500 tower cranes.

 According to relevant data, the Kuala Lumpur Signature Tower, located in the downtown of the capital of Malaysia, has a total construction area of about 380,000 square meters and a building height of 423 meters, composed of three parts generally. The main part has 92 storeys. This project was invested by MULIA Group, the largest commercial real estate developer in Indonesia. It will be another landmark building in Kuala Lumpur.

It is learned that MULIA Group purchased two Zoomlion L500 internal climbing tower cranes at the end of last year for the building of Kuala Lumpur Signature Tower. After intense preparation, the tower cranes have been erected on the construction site.

L500-32 tower crane has electronic display system, facilitating the check of the height of boom and hook. The two internal climbing and add-on tower cranes adopt the stepless speed changing mode on the control system to ensure steady movement, thus more suitable for hoisting construction of steel structures.

The purchasing principal of MULIA Group said, “We adopt the Zoomlion tower cranes in the Malaysian market for the first time. The main reason for our selection of Zoomlion products is that L500-32 has been used by lots of construction sites at home and abroad. Its stable, accurate and safe performance enjoys a good reputation in the Malaysian market. It is believed that the two L500-32 tower cranes will perform better in the construction of this project.”                               111.png

 L500 tower crane on the construction site.