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Excavator ZE260E

Strong excavating forces of arm and bucket,making heavy-load operation easier and complete machine more efficient.
Enhanced equipment and structural parts provided,ensuring longer life of the complete machine.

Key    ParameterWorking masskg24500
Rated powerkw/rpm133/2000
Standard bucket capacity(SAE)m31.2
System    flow
     (Max. pressure/ Max. flow)
-32.4/35.3    Mpa
     2×220 L/min
Engine model-Cummins
Max. torqueN.m/rpm708/1500
Traveling speed (low/high)km/h3.1/5.6
Slewing speedrpm11.2
Max.  drawbar pullkN215
Digging force of bucket (ISO)kN173
Digging force of stick (ISO)kN125
Basic    ParameterSlewing radius of tailmm2920
Tail lengthmm2890
Counterweight ground clearancemm1050
Min. ground clearancemm453
Ground contact lengthmm3840
Track lengthmm4640
Track gaugemm2590
Track widthmm3190
Track shoe widthmm600
Height of grousermm26
Slewing table widthmm2720
Operating    RangeMax. excavating radiusmm10190
Max. excavating distancemm10010
Max. excavating heightmm10000
Max. discharging heightmm7080
Max. excavating depthmm6870
Max. vertical excavating depthmm5880
Min. slewing radius of frontmm3410
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