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Zoomlion Rotary Drilling Rig Marches into Saudi Market


After repeated negotiations and technical communications, the pile work team of Zoomlion Overseas Company signed an order of the first rotary drilling rig in Saudi Arabia in March 2016. Thanks to the precise preparations, the first Zoomlion rotary drilling rig ZR160A-1 was delivered and the relevant training was completed in Saudi Arabia on May 23.


The purchaser is a Saudi company with over 30 years of successful experience in electricity installation, civil engineering, oil drilling and other infrastructure construction. This company has always lodged high standards and strict requirements on construction equipment. The temperature of the local construction environment exceeds 50 degree Celsius, and the high geological hardness poses the greatest challenge on operations. However, Zoomlion ZR160A-1 has been recognized by the client due to its superior performance.

    At the construction site, the project leader of the client told us: “Construction contractors regard efficient and reliable technical service support for rotary drilling rig in the whole process as the most important factor, and the advantages of Zoomlion’s product in stability and follow-up service and so on are perfectly geared to our requirements.” After receiving feedback, the boss of the Saudi company fully affirmed our product’s quality and service, and declared the intent to purchase more products from us.