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ZOOMLION 67-Meter steel boom off the Assembly Line Praised as the "Benchmark of Light-Weight Pump Truck"


Recently, Zoomlion Qingtian Series 5-axle 67-meters steel boom was completed in Zoomlion Lugu Industrial Park. The jib is made of 1100 MPa ultra-high-strength steel and adopts a hollow design. It can withstand ultra-high pressure while maintaining a light weight. It is praised as the "benchmark of light-weight pump truck" in the industry. The product was highly concerned by the industry insiders and has already won many sales orders after it is off the assembly line.


In recent years, "energy conservation and environmental protection" has increasingly become the popular topic of the whole society, the lightweight technology of construction machinery has also received attention from all sectors of the industry. Industry experts believe that lightweight construction machinery has a direct impact on reducing steel consumption and energy consumption in production, transportation and other links accordingly, reducing energy consumption and exhaust emissions in the process of operation, and reducing noise, thus bringing great potential for energy conservation and consumption reduction. At the same time, featured by a high output power, a low noise, a low vibration and reliable operation, the lightweight machine is of great benefit to the maneuverability and stability of the whole machine.

Combined with the research results of material science, material processing science and structural science, Zoomlion R&D team applies new materials such as high-strength steel to the design and manufacturing of pump trucks. This effectively reduces the load of the product itself and achieves light weight while ensuring sufficient strength.

"The jib of this 67-meter pump truck is made of 1100 MPa ultra-high-strength steel, which can withstand 11 tons of pressure per square centimeter. The material strength and stability of the jib ensures its top technical level in the field of concrete pump truck. The hollow design of the pump truck jib realized through adoption of topology optimization method not only reduces consumables but also realizes light weight." Said by Yue Hongxu, product manager of Zoomlion pump truck.

As a Zoomlion 4.0 product, the new 67-meter pump truck keeps the reliable quality that 450,000 square meters of the base structure composed of the jib and underframe does not crack. The bionic 6-section technology is inherited to make the charging flexible. At the same time, several technological innovations and functional upgrades have been carried out.

Yue Hongxu said: "This pump truck has the unique functions of pumping emergency, jib emergency, distribution emergency, and monitoring of failure early warning delivery pipe, which can ensure continuous and reliable construction. Equipped with 360° camera system without dead angle, this pump truck can surely bring safer driving and operation. The vibration reduction technology of the jib is upgraded to control the swing of the end hose within 20cm, enabling more stable operation. "

In addition, the new 67-meter pump truck is more economical and convenient to maintain. The product adopts independent low eddy current and less-cavitation oil tank, with an oil consumption less than 30%, making cleaning and oil change more convenient. The intelligent health management technology applied to the product can realize intelligent diagnosis of oil consumption, main oil pump, stroke abnormality, etc. The diagnosis results can be displayed in real time and visually through the display screen, effectively shortening the troubleshooting time by 75%.

After its launch, the new 67m pump truck won several sales orders and attracted a large number of customers to visit Zoomlion. Mr. Wang, a customer in central China who has already ordered the pump truck, said: "in terms of the performance, the pump truck has a maximum charging height of 66.1 meters and can easily pump concrete to 20-storey buildings with a pumping volume of 180 cubic meters per hour. It is very suitable for large-scale foundation projects and high-rise buildings. In addition, supported by the lightweight technology, the whole vehicle meets the relevant laws and regulations on road transportation in terms of weight, making it easy to be licensed.

Lightweight has become a development trend in the current construction machinery industry. Developing energy-saving and environment-friendly green products through lightweight technology has become one of the development strategies of many construction machinery manufacturers. The launch of this "benchmark of light weight pump truck" - the 67-meter steel boom, demonstrates Zoomlion's outstanding strength in light weight and other advanced technologies. In the future, Zoomlion will continue to adhere to the concept of sustainable development to develop new intelligent, energy-saving and green products, and promote the high-quality development of China's construction machinery industry.