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Max. lifting capacity ×    radiust × m80×4 
Max. lifting capacity on    fixed jibt7 
Max. lifting capacity of    luffing jibt15 
Main boom lengthm13 - 58 
Fixed jib lengthm6 - 18 
Max. length of main boom    with fixed jibt49+18 
Luffing jib lengthm16m-34m 
Max. main boom +max.    luffing jibm43.5m+34m 
Derricking angle30 - 80 
Fixed jib angle10, 30 
Max. rope  speed
     of winches
Hoisting winch 1m/min125/110With optional free-fall function
Hoisting winch 2125 
Derricking winch93 
Slewing speedrpm


Traveling speedkm/h0-1.57 
Max. gradeability%30With basic boom and    counterweight over front
Ground pressureMpa0.083 
Deadweightt72.8With basic boom
Crane counterweightt27 
Overall dimensions(L × W    × H)m13500×5000 (3400) ×3200With A-frame and main    boom pivot section
EngineModel WP10.270N

Weichai  Power

Rated power / rotational    speedkW/r/min199/1900 
Max. output torque    /rotational speedNm/r/min1270/1200-1500 
Exhaust emission National StageⅡ 
Distance between track    center × crawler contact length × crawler widthmm2600 ×5440×800Crawler carrier    retracted
4200 ×5440×800Crawler carrier    extended 
NoiseNoise level outside operator’s    cab during operation(dB)≤107 
Noise level in    operator’s cab during operation≤79 
Construction Case Picture
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