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Take the Responsibility and Fulfill Every Mission! More than One Hundred Sets of ZOOMLION’s Products Rush for the “Xiaotangshan” Construction Nationwide


In the dim light of the early morning on February 4, ZOOMLION and its clients from western Henan, jointly dispatched a construction assistance team consisting of seven truck cranes and dozens of drivers for the construction of Henan “Xiaotangshan Hospital”.


△ ZOOMLION Cranes Ready to Set Out

“Time is life. Now is the critical period of the epidemic. In order not to delay the construction, we must set out in the early morning and immediately start the construction upon arrival today,” said Du Fangfang, an aftersales service engineer of ZOOMLION Engineering Crane Co., Ltd.

It is reported that the Henan “Xiaotangshan” project adopted mechanical and modular construction with a building area of 7,960 m2, expected to be completed on February 9 with 252 beds to be offered for patients.

To complete the project as scheduled, ZOOMLION and its clients have jointly dispatched a construction assistance team and a service support team. Wu Chenguang and Du Fangfang, as ZOOMLION aftersales service engineers, voluntarily gave up their Spring Festival holidays and rushed to the front from their hometowns.

 “My family members show a little bit reluctant for my departure, but I know that the epidemic is an order, it is the time when we are needed,” said Wu.

The Henan “Xiaotangshan Hospital” has been the fourth emergency hospital construction project recently supported by ZOOMLION cranes. Prior to that, ZOOMLION cranes had participated in the construction of such projects as Wuhan Huoshenshan and Leishenshan Hospitals as well as Guangxi “Xiaotangshan Hospital”.

Guangxi “Xiaotangshan Hospital" is an extension project of Yongwu Hospital under Guangxi Autonomous Region People’s Hospital (Yongwu). In the afternoon of February 1, ZOOMLION cranes precisely placed the first negative pressure isolation ward on the metal support and started their continuous assistance in the construction. The hoisting work of Guangxi “Xiaotangshan Hospital” was undertaken by one of clients of ZOOMLION Alliance, namely Nanning Rongwei Crane & Hoisting Service Co., Ltd. After receiving the notice of construction demand, the company resolutely dispatched multiple ZOOMLION cranes as well as dozens of operators and logistics support staff for the construction of designated area for temporary medical treatment.

At present, the construction of “Xiaotangshan” hospitals across China is in full swing. Concrete pump trucks are important equipment for pumping building walls. Since the start of Wuhan Huoshenshan construction project, more than 80 sets of concrete machinery have been deployed to assist the construction of emergency hospital projects across China.


△ ZOOMLION Rushes to Assist in the Construction of Shenzhen “Xiaotangshan Hospital”

The responsible person of ZOOMLION Concrete Machinery said, “During the construction of Wuhan Huoshenshan and Leishenshan Hospitals, together with our clients, we have dispatched nearly 50 sets of equipment. Recently, we have also dispatched equipment to actively build the ‘Xiaotangshan Hospitals’ in Shenzhen and Xi’an. Meanwhile, Luoyang Third People’s Hospital (Xiaokang Hospital) and the inpatient department of Changde Second People’s Hospital are also under construction with all our efforts.


△ ZOOMLION Pump Trucks Operate in Pumping Construction

Since January 23, ZOOMLION has received information of support for emergency hospital construction from all parts of China. Whenever receiving such information, ZOOMLION would immediately hold a teleconference to dispatch nearby equipment through the IoT big data platform or directly deliver equipment from factories for assistance in the case of large demand for equipment on the front.

A relevant responsible person of ZOOMLION said, “ZOOMLION has more than 100 sets of equipment involved in the construction of ‘Xiaotangshan’ emergency hospitals across China, including more than 80 sets of concrete machinery equipment and nearly 40 sets of crane equipment in addition to excavators, bulldozers, high-altitude equipment, and so on. We will continue to secure and assist in the construction of medical and emergency engineering projects throughout China with every effort”.