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China’s Helping Hand for Italy’s Resumption from the Epidemic: ZOOMLION Delivers Tower Cranes Precisely and Timely to the Cà Zul Damsite for Boosting the Construction


Standing at the Cà Zul damsite within the Dolomites, a World Natural Heritage site in Italy, an aurora-painted crane tower is busy in construction in an orderly way. The tower crane’s arrival at the project site not only brings a touch of harmony to the natural scenery here, but enables the Eastern Alps to be somewhat bustling and vigorous.

Zoomlion’s T7020-12H aurora crane tower that stands here can be used to hoist various building materials, with which the Cà Zul dam may “grow high” about 1 meter. Since the tower crane’s participation in the construction in May this year, it is well received by all operators for high-efficiency and stability in operation and convenience in manipulation. In the Cà Zul dam project, Zoomlion have been highly praised by the client for precisely and timely delivery of the tower crane by overcoming difficulties in transportation and installation.


Zoomlion’s Tower Crane Helping the Cà Zul Dam Renovation Project in Italy

Andre, Region Manager of Zoomlion CIPA Europe Tower Crane Business, is confident with own products, “our products featuring great performance and excellent quality have been widely accepted by diversified markets for many years. T7020-12H tower crane is one of the most popular products in European high-end market.”

The sudden outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic this year inevitably affected the project’s progress. It is said that, in February this year, the Zoomlion CIFA Europe Tower Crane Business team has reached an agreement on purchasing order of the Cà Zul dam project with the client. However, the project had to be postponed due to the pandemic. By May, the whole Italy set about the work resumption under the background of Italy’s effective control of the pandemic. And the construction of the Cà Zul dam project also returned to normal since May 4.

In the Cà Zul dam project, we mainly face the challenges in product transportation and installation”, Andre said. According to him, one of the most challenging problems to be solved during the product delivery to the project site is that the tower crane has to pass through extremely-narrow mountain tunnels where the dam site is located within the Dolomites.”

Andre said,Along the product transportation route, there are two tunnels with the height varying from 3 m to 3.8 m and they are really narrow. So we prepared a detailed transportation plan: we will transport the tower crane with ultra-low chassis truck under the aid of floodlights and video surveillance devices, and the real-time status of the tower crane will be under our monitoring during the transportation.”



Narrow Tunnels Passed through During Zoomlion’s Delivery of the Tower Crane to the Client

Another challenge has come out upon the arrival of the tower crane to the site. According to Ander, “the project site is a dam site with an access road being less than 3 m in width, which in turn restrained the lifting capacity of hoisting equipment. Therefore, we installed the equipment with split hoisting of superstructure and understructure. We have not yet finished the tower crane erection until we assembled the last segment of boom on May 22.”

The fact that Zoomlion succeed in timely delivering the product to the project site according to the client’s quality requirement and finishing the crane erection moved the client very much. “It is really a challenge for transporting such a product. Zoomlion made full use of every minute to design plans to guarantee the timely implementation of the project. We do appreciate such Chinese speed and Chinese strength.”

Related principal of Zoomlion Construction Crane Machinery pointed that, the company will further explore the overseas market based on the “localization” strategy, and provide all-round solutions for customers at home and abroad in terms of product selection and matching, delivery and installation, and after-sales services, thus helping the customers create more values and contributing to the well-being of locals.