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ZOOMLION 20 Mixer Trucks Put into Service in Uzbekistan


Recently, 20 green and grey mixer trucks successfully arrived in Uzbekistan after thousands of kilometers of long-distance travel. This batch of "small green miracle corps" mixer trucks will be delivered to customers successively and put into service for the construction of various regions in Uzbekistan.


Zoomlion 20 mixer trucks heading for Uzbekistan

"Zoomlion has been deeply engaging in Central Asia for several years,” said an official from Zoomlion Concrete Machinery Co., Ltd. “With years of technical precipitation and high product quality, Zoomlion has established a good brand image in the local regions, which is well-received by customers and has become a market-oriented brand. Over the years, the company's products have continued to heat up in Uzbekistan market, and another bulk procurement of mixer trucks were introduced to the local market by agents."

It is learned that Zoomlion has been deeply involved in the Uzbekistan market for many years. As early as in 2014, the company participated in the construction of a large-scale local railway tunnel project with complete sets of products such as spraying manipulator, mixer truck, mixing plant and trailer pump and endured severe cold conditions. The product quality was highly recognized by customers. In the past two years, the company’s truck-mounted pumps, truck cranes and other products were increasingly put into Uzbekistan market.

"In recent years, the company has continued to seek development with the ‘localization’ strategy in Uzbekistan,” said the official mentioned above. “New development has been made in the agent teams, local sales, services among other aspects. And the market is gradually heating up."

According to the data, Uzbekistan is the most densely populated country in Central Asia. The country is rich in natural resources and its industry plays an important role in Central Asia. Uzbekistan is one of the five Central Asian countries with strong economic strength and also a country along the ancient “Silk Road". With the economic development of Central Asian countries, the scale of infrastructure construction in Uzbekistan is also expanding day by day.

"In the first half of 2020, the company continued to focus on the 'Belt and Road' market by adopting a differentiated market strategy of 'one country, one policy' and 'one region, one policy', and achieved export product revenue growth against trend. At present, we are actively developing product planning and sales strategies for Uzbekistan and other countries in Central Asian market, and expecting to cooperate with more chassis manufacturers to shorten the delivery cycle," the official from Zoomlion overseas company stated. "The 20 mixer trucks this time are just the beginning, and we believe that the Zoomlion brand will flourish and make new breakthrough in the vast regions of Central Asia and along the Belt and Road.”