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The Belt and Road丨ZOOMLION’s Tower Cranes Receives Praises for Efficient


In recent days, construction work has begun on the PH Eco Mall Project, a large-scale project that combines a shopping mall and private residences near the Mekong River and National Road 1 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Eight tower cranes produced by ZOOMLION have been used in this project. The cranes have been performing efficiently and stably since 2018, and have been highly praised by the customer.


ZOOMLION’s Tower Cranes Working on the Construction Site

PH Eco Mall Project is a flagship project in Phnom Penh developed by Borey Peng Huoth Group Co. Ltd, the biggest real estate developer in Cambodia. According to the data, total investment in this project has reached 200 million USD, and the project area will exceed 26800 square metres. Over 90000 square metres of leased land will also provide parking space for 5000 cars and a large number of motorcycles. The mall will be a pioneering project from Borey Peng Huoth, integrating modern design and facilities with Khmer culture. The project started in 2016 and the main work is planned to be completed in 2021, with the mall opening for business in 2022.

Gao Biao, on behalf of the Southeast Asia branch of ZOOMLION Construction Crane Overseas Marketing Company,said that ZOOMLION's eight T6013-8A flat-top tower cranes are mainly used for the lifting work in the residential complex part of this project.

According to Gao, as the project covers a large area and the buildings are not high - the residential complex will reach about 30 meters in height – cooperation between multiple tower cranes is required. To provide the customer will the best solution, ZOOMLION’s service engineers undertook in-depth discussions with the construction team regarding the actual conditions under which construction would take place, as well as the locations and types of tower cranes to be adopted.

 “After careful consideration, we chose eight T6013-8As, and decided the specific locations of each during construction.” Gao Biao explained.

The T6013-8A is a highly reliable and intelligent tower crane powered by German JOST technology. The full frequency conversion of the three major mechanisms makes the impact quite small so that the operation of the tower crane is steady. In the PH Eco Mall Project, the T6013-8A adopts an independent height of 40.5 meters and 60-meter-long lifting boom. The boom tips can lift a weight up to 1.3t and the maximum lifting weight can reach 8t. In terms of installation, different working heights were arranged for each of the eight tower cranes to prevent slewing collisions when working. This also allowed the whole group of tower cranes could work at the same time, greatly improving construction efficiency.


    Early 2018, ZOOMLION’s Tower Cranes were Put into Operation

The eight tower cranes have been working efficiently and steadily on the site since 2018, ensuring the success of the construction and also laying the foundations for deeper cooperation between ZOOMLION and Borey Peng Huoth.

After the construction plan was made, ZOOMLION completed the delivery of the eight tower cranes on time and they were soon put into use. After half a year of excellent construction performance, the tower cranes won the customer’s favor with their low failure rate, energy conservation and high efficiency. In the same year, Borey Peng Huoth went on to purchase another three T6013-8As tower cranes and six other construction lifting products for new projects. Now, Borey Peng Huoth and ZOOMLION have become close partners.

Gao Biao said, “After many years of market cultivation and development, ZOOMLION has achieved the best performance in Cambodia among all its rivals in terms of export of proprietary construction cranes. In 2020, we will continue to be deeply involved in the Belt and Road market, promote customers’ development and win brand influence with excellent products and services. We are convinced that mutual benefits and win-win results can be achieved for ZOOMLION and our partners.”