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Electric Forklift FE16/18/20H

With globalization and constant logistics movements, the world has become smaller. By providing more professional and diverse products that promote logistical efficiency, we make your dreams and aspirations a reality.
Our professional products will bear the load for you.
Technical Features
Safe &Efficient
• Ergonomic handle and seat design that provides comfort and convenience during operation.
• Secure retracting seat belt provides enhanced safety.
• Widen frame provides greater viewing angle and promotes safe operation.
• Streamlined design that is both beautiful and dynamic.
• Steering wheel with load sensors, single pump bypass, AC motor and low-noise toothed gear pump that reduce operational and lifting noise significantly.
• Side battery facilitates easy replacement and maintenance.
Stable & Flexible
• Low center of gravity design with battery at the bottom provides excellent stability.
• The two front wheels are driven by an independent motor. Direction and speed are controlled through a computer and the turning radius is as small as 90o, which is around 450mm compared to other four wheel forklifts of similar tonnage.
Advanced Configuration
• LED dashboard offers more convenient control and more intuitive information display.
• Equipped with electronic components from renowned global brands such as US Curtis, UK Albright and German Schneider, ensuring advanced and stable performance.
• Brushless fully AC motor that requires little maintenance. Advanced hydraulic load sensing technology provides greater operational efficiency and lower energy consumption.
• Optimized oil-cooled brake design with reliable performance, long service life and low maintenance cost.
• Power regeneration through multiple channels to increase work time and improve efficiency.
• 3 drive modes, safe, economical and high efficiency, to cater to different operational needs.        

CharacteristicsPower batterybatterybattery
Center of loadmm500500500
Lifting heightmm330033003300
Free lifting heightmm858590
Forks L×W×Hmm920x100x35920x100x35920x122x40
Mast tilt angle Forward/Backward6/6.56/6.56/6.5
Min.turning radiusmm158015801580
Min right angle stacking widthmm330033003300
Min right angle Aisle widthmm178017801780
Min.ground clearance (mast)mm959595
Overhead guard heightmm199019901990
Height from seat to overhead guardmm100010001000
Front overhangmm375375380
PerfMax.traveling speed(loaded/unload )km/h13/14.513/14.512.5/14
Max.lifting speed(loaded/unload)mm/s320/450300/450290/400
DimensionsOverall length (without fork)mm195419541954
Overall widthmm110011001100
Mast extended height (with bracket)mm430043004300
Mast lowered height mm216521652165
ChassisTireFront 18X7-818X7-818X7-8
Rear 15X4.5-815X4.5-815X4.5-8
Tread widthFront/Rearmm940/180940/180940/180
Curb weightNone-loadkg315033003420
Control typeACACAC
Working pressureMpa14.517.517.5
Construction Case Picture
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