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DC-Li series scissor lifts offer an excellent combination of working heights and lifting capacity capabilities with powerful electric drive motors and Lithium power. Our Li-ion batteries have a 5-year warranty with triple longer life than the traditional lead acid ones. With Smart Battery Management System (BMS) and the preheating function built-in for cold weather regions as low as -20°C, this series boost productivity and operator confidence with safety power.

Main Specs of Scissor Lifts (DC-Li)
Comply with CE/ANSI/GB Standard
Work Height15.7m13.80m11.80m10.00m8.00m7.87m
A - Platform   Height-Elevated13.7m11.80m9.80m8.00m6.00m5.87m
B - Platform   Height-Stowed1.53m1.46m1.33m1.20m1.07m1.05m
C - Platform   Length2.67m2.30m2.30m2.30m2.30m1.65m
D - Platform Width1.12m1.12m1.12m0.81m0.81m0.74m
Platform Extension0.9m0.91m0.91m0.91m0.91m0.91m
E - Overall   Height (Rails Up)2.65m2.59m2.46m2.35m2.22m2.20m
Overall Height (Rails Down)2.1m2.05m1.92m1.85m1.72m1.79m
F - Overall Length2.87m2.49m2.49m2.49m2.49m1.85m
G - Overall   Width1.4m1.15m1.15m0.81m0.81m0.76m
H - Wheelbase2.22m1.85m1.85m1.85m1.85m1.37m
I - Ground   Clearance (Stowed)0.11m0.11m0.11m0.11m0.11m0.06m
J - Ground   Clearance (Raised)0.02m0.02m0.02m0.02m0.02m0.016m
Platform Capacity260kg350kg350kg230kg380kg230kg
Capacity on Deck Extension113kg113kg113kg113kg113kg113kg
Max. Number of Workers232222
Drive Speed (Stowed)4km/h4km/h4km/h4km/h4km/h4km/h
Drive Speed (Raised)0.8km/h0.8km/h0.8km/h0.8km/h0.8km/h0.8km/h
Turning Radius (Inside)0.1m0.1m0.1m0.1m0.1m0.1m
Turning Radius (Outside)2.6m2.2m2.2m2.1m2.1m1.6m
Up/Down Time88/60s62s/42s60s/35s31s/40s28s/35s20s/24s
Max. Working Slope (Lateral/Vertical)1.5°/3°1.5°/3°1.5°/3°1.5°/3°1.5°/3°1.5°/3°
ControlProportional   ControlProportional   ControlProportional   ControlProportional   ControlProportional   ControlProportional   Control
DriveFront WheelsFront WheelsFront WheelsFront WheelsFront WheelsFront Wheels
BrakeFront WheelsFront WheelsFront WheelsFront WheelsFront WheelsFront Wheels
Battery250Ah Li-ion200Ah Li-ion200Ah Li-ion180Ah Li-ion180Ah Li-ion140Ah Li-ion
Charger (option)24V/60A24V/60A24V/60A24V/60A24V/60A
Cutting-Edge Driving System with Lithium Power
    5-year warranty for Li-ion battery
    Maintenance-free and durable Li-ion battery with triple longer lifetime than traditional
    Quick-charge technology save time
    Preheating function built-in for cold weather regions
    Smart Battery Management System (BMS) guarantees safety power.


Intelligent Connectivity

    Zoomlion AWM Remote Monitoring and Rental Management System quickly obtains equipment status and realizes on-line operation management. *
Standard Features
GPS positioning and tracking systemAutobrake systemDrivable at full height
Proportional controlsEmergency descent systemHour meter
All motion alarmEmergency stop buttonExtension deck (unidirectional)
Fold-down handrailsOn-board diagnosticCharging protection system
Flashing amber beaconOver tilt protective systemScissor maintenance prop
Self-closing entry gateActive pothole protection systemForklift pockets
Zoomlion AWM Remote Monitoring and Rental Management System *
Accessories & Options
Platform work lightsLoad sensing system
AC power to platformAirline to platform
Hotline: +86 400-800-0157
Add: ZOOMLION Wangcheng Industrial Park, Tengfei Road 997, Wangcheng District, Changsha, Hunan, PRC.
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