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Excavator ZE210E/ZE215E

ZE210E/ZE215E series hydraulic excavator is an E-series excavator newly designed by Zoomlion. It is equipped with CUMMINS (ISUZU optional) turbocharged engine to ensure strong power output and less pollution.

The newly designed hydraulic system makes the power of engine and main pump reach the optimal state. The flow of main pump can be automatically adjustable to realize the flow proportion control of actuators and reduce power loss of pump flow. Boasting fuel consumption reduction and high operation efficiency, it also enjoys optimum performance.

The electronic control system is advanced and the dashboard display is provided with standard configuration of interface with nine languages, such as Chinese, English, French, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, etc., to meet operating demands of different countries and regions.

This series of excavator mainly features large range of excavating, long life of bucket, high load bearing capacity of undercarriage, good stability, low fuel consumption, high operation efficiency, better coordination and smoothness. This excavator is widely used in projects of building, roadbuilding, water conservancy, electric power, mining, oil, pipe laying of natural gas, military engineering, etc.

ZE215E, as an upgraded version of ZE210, has a great improvement in bucket capacity, maneuverability, digging force of bucket and stick and so on.

ZE215E-10 excavator is equipped with Euro III electronic fuel injection engine, featuring strong power, less noise and low fuel consumption. Installed with advanced electrical system and hydraulic system, the machine boasts powerful digging force and fast operating speed to meet demands of different working conditions and operating environments.

Key    ParameterWorking masskg21800
Rated powerkw/rpm112/1950
Standard bucket capacity(SAE)m31.0
System    flow
   (Max. pressure/ Max. flow)

34.3/37.3 Mpa

2×206 L/min

Engine model-Cummins
Max. torqueN.m/rpm614/1500
Traveling speed (low/high)km/h3.3/5.5
Slewing speedrpm11.5
Max.  drawbar pullkN192
Digging force of bucket (ISO)kN157
Digging force of stick (ISO)kN110
Basic    ParameterSlewing radius of tailmm2840
Tail lengthmm2800
Counterweight ground clearancemm1050
Min. ground clearancemm440
Ground contact lengthmm3380
Track lengthmm4180
Track gaugemm2200
Track widthmm2800
Track shoe widthmm500~800
Height of cab(mm)mm2990
Slewing table widthmm2720
Operating    RangeMax. excavating radiusmm9830
Max. excavating distancemm9650
Max. excavating heightmm9615
Max. discharging heightmm6785
Max. excavating depthmm6610
Max. vertical excavating depthmm5760
Min. slewing radius of frontmm3290
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