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Crawler Excavator ZE360E

The power system of ZE360E Series excavator is equipped with original Cummins engine and electronic throttle device. It can automatically adjust fuel quantity according to the engine power, realizing automatic idle and acceleration and reducing fuel consumption. The advanced and reliable electrohydraulic control system and the new fully electronic control power selecting system provide different power modes according to different working loads, thus making the machine enjoy optimum performance with less fuel consumption and making the power of engine and main pump reach the optimal state. The dashboard display is provided with standard configuration of interface with six languages, such as Chinese, English, French, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, etc, to meet demands of different countries and regions. Arm, bucket, track shoe, cab protection device and air filter system are provided with various configuration specifications suitable for different working conditions and operating environments So that users can make choices according to their demands. The machine enjoys powerful digging force and fast operating speed. This excavator is widely used in the medium-scale earthwork engineering, construction of roads and railways, house demolishment as well as hydraulic engineering like excavation of riverways and brooks.

ZE360ESP excavator is equipped with shorter boom, shorter arm, as well as advanced electrical system and hydraulic system. Its performance is stable and it can be equipped with an enlarged bucket. The machine enjoys powerful digging force and fast operating speed, This excavator is widely used in the medium-scale earthwork engineering and large-scale engineering of road and railway construction.

ZE360ELR excavator is equipped with extended boom and arm, widened track as well as advanced electrical system and hydraulic system. Its performance is stable and the excavating range is 15m. This excavator is widely used in the house demolishment and excavation of riverways and brooks.

ZE360E excavator for cold area is provided with automatic fuel preheating system, coolant heating boiler, start-up adjustment proportional solenoid valve, large-capacity battery resistant to low temperature, fuel-water separator with heating function, special controller system and seals of cold-resistant materials. It can work in -50°C low-temperature environment.

Key    ParameterWorking masskg3430034080
Rated powerkw/rpm198/2000198/2000
Standard bucket capacity(SAE)m31.61.6
System    flow
     (Max. pressure/ Max. flow)
-32.4/35.3    Mpa
     2×264 L/min
32.4/35.3    Mpa
     2×264 L/min
Engine model-Cummins
Max. torqueN.m/rpm1157/15001157/1500
Traveling speed (low/high)km/h3.1/5.13.1/5.1
Slewing speedrpm9.69.6
Max.  drawbar pullkN264264
Digging force of bucket (ISO)kN219219
Digging force of stick (ISO)kN171171
Basic    ParameterSlewing radius of tailmm34743474
Tail lengthmm34533453
Counterweight ground clearancemm11611161
Min. ground clearancemm499499
Ground contact lengthmm41404140
Track lengthmm50425042
Track gaugemm25902590
Track widthmm31903190
Track shoe widthmm600600
Height of grousermm3636
Slewing table widthmm29952995
Operating    RangeMax. excavating radiusmm1107510262
Max. excavating distancemm1088810059
Max. excavating heightmm101709796
Max. discharging heightmm71106705
Max. excavating depthmm73806522
Max. vertical excavating depthmm64105742
Min. slewing radius of frontmm43904225
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