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RK704-A Wheeled tractor

●Matched to famous engine, with strong power, high safety and large storage torque coefficient;

●With strengthened dual-speed power output and wide range of optional Matches and tools;

●Beautiful and elegant, new generation streamline type shield, which meets the per-formance re-quirements of safety, anti-dust, noise reduction

and cooling

●Optimized cooler structure and adopt new type maintenance-free dust Cover to effec-tively refrain from high engine temperature phe-nomenon.

●The full hy-draulic steering system provides flexible and convenient control

●Alarm of combination meter, integrated oil volume, oil pressure, engine speed, indicator device, stable and reliable operation.

●Luxurious cab inte-rior, standard fan and optional aircon-ditioning

●Opti-mized cab damping structure, which can reduce vibration and improves driving comfort.

Dimension (L×W×H)mm4030×1650×2250
Track gaugemm2072
Min. operation weightkg2475
Max. ground clearancemm410
Rated powerkW51.5
Brake type/Dual plate & oil bath type
Tyre specification (front/reverse)/8.3-24 paddy tire  11-32 paddy tire
Hydraulic lifter type/Semi-individually mounted
Max. lifter forcekN≥15
Hydraulic output/2-group multi-unit valve
Hydraulic suspension system/II. Three-point rear suspension
Traction forcekN13
PTO speedr/min540/760, optional 540/1000
ROPS or Cabin/Safety shelf, optional drivier's cab

Construction Case Picture
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